I almost gave up

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The Day I Almost Gave Up - Encouragement for Today - February 7, 2014

i almost gave up

Bishop Joseph Walker - When I Almost Gave Up

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At one point, I gave up on life. I was 26 years old, the mother of two, and living with my boyfriend, who is now my husband. But my life at that time was so stressful. My relationship was also at our lowest point. It was sudden and unexpected, and it led to a lot of friction within my family. I truly thought I was the worst person ever—that everyone, even my children, would be better off without me.

Popularly known as Chioma Jesus, Evangelist Amaka Okwuoha says becoming a successful gospel musician has not come easy for her. But today, all that is gone. I overcame the challenge by putting my trust in God, not men. Also, I knew what God wanted from me and who I was. She, however, admitted that despite being strong-willed, there were times her faith was tested.

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I almost gave up on religion. Then a ghost changed my mind.

Sometimes even the strongest Christians feel like giving up. Hear the story of a godly leader who almost lost his faith. - There was a point when I almost gave up.

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Watch me tell this story about almost giving up as part of the Makers series on PBS. Out of work and nearly penniless, I almost packed my bags, and with them, any hope of a career in media. Then fate intervened, and a friend loaned me just enough money for one more month of rent. I went downtown in a pouring rainstorm to pick up this generous loan, and when I got back to my apartment, I realized I'd left my purse, with all of the money in it, in a cab. Then, fate intervened again. The phone rang. I was so grateful that I nearly wept.

I almost gave up music – Chioma Jesus



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