Dj ten bari 2017

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dj ten bari 2017

10/03/, Corso Vittorio Emanuele Bari BA Italy, Running, Road running.

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Back to one of the most anticipated events by running enthusiasts and especially radio Deejay: the Deejay Ten in Bari is organized for Sunday, March 13th, Participating in this race, as well as the distances being feasible, it also allows you to enjoy a unique view of Bari and attend a wonderful sports and entertainment event, thanks to Linus and the Trio Medusa. If you come to Bari for the race, why not take the opportunity to learn more about our earth? You can play around with the traditions of Puglia, trulli and kitchen , or discover the city of Bari in an unusual way, by following South Italian Fashion aboard a rickshaw. If you want to be independent, you love wine tasting and driving, we recommend our local experience in Vintage style. We see the practical information of the race. You have the option to choose between two paths with different distances: run the 10km or the 5km.

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