Bad days season 3

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Ant Man The Wasp Bad Days Season 3 Episode 6

bad days season 3

Bad Days 'Breaking Bad' Season 3 episode 8

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Walt arrives at the hospital with his family for a CT scan to learn how he has reacted to chemotherapy. He is told that the results of the test will not be ready for a week, but sees a scan of his lungs and notices a prominent growth. Believing that he has little time left, and realizing that recent expenses and Saul Goodman 's fees for laundering his money leave him with little to give his family, Walt decides to spend several days doing nothing but cooking meth. Walt makes up a story about visiting his mother for an extended weekend to be able to explain his absence to Skyler. He convinces Jesse to help for the weekend; Jesse is initially reluctant but cancels his plans to go on a date in Santa Fe with Jane when Walt claims they need to use as much of their supply of methylamine as possible before it goes bad. After Jesse collects the additional supplies and picks Walter up from the airport , they drive the RV out to the desert to cook. Walt tells Jesse to leave the keys in a safe spot, and Jesse leaves them in the ignition switch, unaware that it is draining the vehicle's battery.

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Bad Days is an animated series created by Junaid Chundrigar and Davor Bujakovic. The first and last episodes of Season 3 are the only ones to focus on a.
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The cartoons feature different fictional heroes and villains There's almost no dialogue involved, just hilarious situations and Shout Outs galore. The series started with one short, Disassembled , depicting several little mishaps in the Marvel Universe. The short became a viral success, even appealing to former Marvel writer Stan Lee. The show also extended out to starring characters not owned by Marvel, and even characters who originated in media other than comic books. Junaid and Davor also released commentaries in between. Despite the lack of new shorts since , Marvelous TV recently promised that Season 4 is still being developed for a release in

Bad Days "Doctor Who" Season 3. New Bad Days coming for ! Teen Titans Go! Spot The Aquaman Reference! DC Kids. Captain America - Bad Days - Episode 8.

Deadpool - Bad Days - Season 2 - Episode 1

NEW Bad Days "Glass"

Bad Days Season 3 Ep 10 Guardians of the Galaxy - -

Videos for baddaystv. Even Super Heroes can have bad days. Follow along as Peter Parker has the worst day imaginable in this, the series premier of Godzilla having a real Bad Day with Stan Lee - All Rights Thanks for watching 'Season 3' of 'Bad Days' here on




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