A strange holiday story

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Strange and Surreal Travel Moments

a strange holiday story

Arch Oboler's Strange Holiday Part I of 7

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Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. When I went to Italy in about forth grade, I remember sitting on the plane and wondering what I was going to do the whole time I was there. Two weeks is a long time and the only thing I brought was a skateboard and a rugby ball. I was so exited because it was summer there and they, meaning the friends that we were staying with , had the nicest outdoor pool with diving boards and slides. That was a lot for me since in London, people have small yards and no way enough room for their own pool. I was also looking forward to seeing their wolf since the last time we were there it was only a puppy. I thought of it as a big dog but I should have thought of it as a wild animal.

Because where we have Santa Claus coming down the chimney on Christmas eve, in Iceland their Christmas involves trolls , and lots of them. In the old days life in Iceland was harsh and their stories reflected that hardship. The trolls were called Yule Lads, and they were the sons of a famous evil troll named Gryla. Born in the mountains, the thirteen Yule Lads lived to cause mayhem , and Christmas time was their favorite time to stir up trouble. In the days before Christmas the Yule Lads would come down from their dark mountain caves one by one to terrify children in their own particular style. See something shining through the window?

Part of the allure of the holidays is all the traditions: A turkey-and-mashed-potatoes feast on Thanksgiving, wrapped presents nestled under the bedazzled tree for Christmas, the lighting of the menorah during Hanukkah. Families conjure up their own traditions to attach to the holidays, from the heartwarming to the gross to the downright silly. And in a modern twist on the Rockwell prints of yesteryear, we had Dan Bransfield, an artist in San Francisco, illustrate eight of our favorites based on the photos the families sent. Everyone got presents from at least one person in each of the families my mom is one of five, and sometimes even more extended family would show up with gifts for the 15 grandchildren. This produced a lot of torn wrapping paper, ribbons, packing material, product packaging, and Sears toy catalogs used to weigh down gifts so the kids couldn't guess what was in them. All this went in a giant trash can, but it would still be overflowing. So, my grandfather would always climb into the trash can to push everything down so the rest of it could fit.

Per her request, the waiters stopped serving and the room went completely black, save for a spotlight on her face. When Holiday finished, the spotlight turned off. When the lights came back on, the stage was empty.
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Photograph: Roelof Bakker. I run home from school. I run the whole way. I run and I create a force-field around me that will protect me if I bump into anyone or anything. People will be amazed at my speed and especially the way I dodge every obstacle in my path. I am amazing — the speed of me. As far as anyone knows I ran all the way home.

Families’ Weird Holiday Traditions, Illustrated

The prompt was simple enough: Write about the year-end holidays in a couple of hundred words. In the breezy sala with the old rectangular narra table, the usual suspects are there.

What I did on my summer holidays, by Paul McVeigh

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The holidays are full of surprises and changes from the normal routine. Often we are with family that we rarely see or other people which take us out of the routine experiences. It's refreshing and good in many ways. Other times it brings challenges and even strange experiences. I've had a few of those strange experiences over the last few days. There is no need to give you the specifics as I attempt to be diplomatic yet reach my point.




100 Story Holidays


The Very Strange Holiday. Daniel Mazzotti, Grade 6, Rossmoyne Primary School; Short Story; ™ By Danny, age It all started when my dad decided to.
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