Calendario notte della taranta 2017

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calendario notte della taranta 2017

The Night of the Tarantula or La Notte della Taranta in Salento is the largest of its kind in Europe. There are 19 separate concerts throughout the Salento area.

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Giovanni Vacca su Blow Up di dicembre firma una recensione bellissima, approfondita e ricca di suggestioni. Attenta alla musica e ai testi, mette in relazione il nostro canzoniere con il nostro background storico e culturale. Da leggere assolutamente! Rhythm Passport intervista il nostro Mauro Durante riguardo il nostro nuovo album Canzoniere e il nostro prossimo spettacolo a Londra del 15 dicembre. We called it that because we really consider it as a rural and agricultural metaphor. We sowed the seeds for the songs in the album between Lecce and New York — where I spent more than four months going back and forth.

The church we see today was built in by Giulio della Torre, the architect of Domenico Tibaldi. The interior has a single nave stands for the restriction of the presbytery, which becomes a sounding board for this to turn into a Santa Cristina architectural musical instrument, where the sound spreads with amazing sound clarity. It is from this characteristic is born the myth of the "Sisters musicians" in the classroom behind the apse is the sisters sang protected from prying eyes and their voice through two grates above the altar, was propagated without echo and without refraction to the entrance. Closed and reopened several times, following the Napoleonic expropriations, with the unification of Italy, the Church of Santa Cristina became a military warehouse and a convent barracks. Since , finished the restoration, was reopened to the public as an auditorium of the school of classical music and Gregorian chant.

Family activity, visits with curators Discover all the cultural programming of the exhibition event in the museum "Chic and practical, the art of the purse"! To enjoy the summer holidays, discover our selection of summer activities, events, visits and entertainment for young and old! Enjoy three unique boxing classes in the Cour des Remises during the month of August. Temporary exhibitions Discover our contemporary art and ancient art exhibitions in the palace.

Presente nel disco anche un brano scritto da Pacifico. Il Cielo Daniele Magro 2. Buio e luce Galiazzo — Roberts — Marletta 3. Verrienti — C. Verrienti 4. Fermo immagine Galiazzo — Roberts — Marletta 7.

It gives great importance to the folk music tradition of Taranta and Pizzica , and it is a great resource for tourism in Apulia. The Festival tours around Salento , normally culminating in a gran finale concert in Melpignano in August, which lasts until late at night. It has been attended by an average of , spectators. This music festival , started in , an initiative of several municipalities of the Salento , which sponsored this event. Every year it appoints a new musical director. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As the legend goes, there was only one way to survive the bite of a tarantula and the workers in the fields of Apulia discovered it. When the spider bit you and the venom started to move within your body, you had to move with it and the only way to flush out the poison was to dance. During the performance, a tasting of fine wines and delicacies celebrating the Italian region of Puglia will be offered thanks to the generous support of Regione Puglia. Due to new safety regulations, we are not allowed to add extra seats to the auditorium or let anyone stand. A registration is not a guarantee of a seat as these are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Notte della Taranta

But what is the Taranta and what exactly are its origins? -


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La Notte della Taranta (The night of the Taranta), a dance performance






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  1. On the occasion of the Third Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, La Notte della Taranta – Italy's biggest foundation devoted to preserving.

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