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i like to move

I Like To Move It (2016 Edit)

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We all need to move often, even at work. The movie Madagascar only hinted at how much we like to move it! One of my favorite animated movie series is Madagascar. I like to move it, move it! We like to move it! I like to move my body. Our bodies are meant to move.

"I Like to Move It" is a song by American electronic dance duo Reel 2 Real (Erick Morillo), featuring ragga vocals by Trinidad and Tobago rapper The Mad.
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It turns out King Julien was onto something. If the iconic lemur were a scientist, he might have written a dazzling paper on what our ancestors already knew: Dance can help heal what ails you. Among these researchers is Dr. Bruce Perry, a psychiatrist and senior fellow at the Child Trauma Academy in Houston who advocates dance, drumming, walking and other rhythm-based movements to help kids with trauma. In a book about trauma and the power of play , Perry explains that kids with developmental trauma can lose their ability to think when they feel threatened. This is because their fight-flight alarm goes off, he says, and stress chemicals quickly shut down their thinking brain frontal cortex as well as their emotional brain limbic brain. Post Manage Blog Post.

The song appeared on the Billboard Hot chart in , peaking at number 89 and reached number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. It was a number-one hit in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Zimbabwe. The song appeared in the American Dad! Many versions of the song have frequently been used throughout the Madagascar franchise, with many of them with lyrics changed or altered to match with each film's plot. The first film used a version recorded by Sacha Baron Cohen , the second film used a version by will. The song was also included in the stage adaptation of the movie, sung again by King Julien.

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