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jake shimabukuro ukulele brand

Shima Ukulele is a family-owned and operated business founded by ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, who exclusively plays Kamaka Ukuleles, and his.

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Ukulele straps are a special necessity when you know that the time has come to kick the stage and perform. Apart from this, it is also interesting to take notes of some tips that you should keep in mind when buying one at any music store or internet shopping websites. Occasionally we find large professional ukuleles and this implies that we must be in a certain way to be able to hold the instrument in order to play not only so that the quality is seen at all times, but also that we as emitters of the melody are comfortable and feel that what we do is not an effort at all. We know the importance of all the accessories when we talk about a musical instrument with which we want to get the best out of ourselves. We not only refer to the matter of sizes but also of different colors and materials which the straps are made. Attaching a ukulele strap depends on two factors.

I remember being so nervous. Then she showed me how to strum the strings and taught me my first chord. I fell in love with the ukulele immediately. From that day on, you had to pry the instrument away from me in order to get me to do anything else. Growing up, he studied and played a number of other musical instruments—drums, piano and guitar. Music was my passion, but I had no idea that I could make it as a musician. His most recent CD, Nashville Sessions, is one of his most adventurous, multifaceted and engaging records to date, blending elements of jazz virtuosity with heartfelt melodicism.

Thanks to a YouTube video, Jake Shimabukuro is the most widely heard ukulele player alive today. It also turned him into one of the most in-demand live performers of the instrument. Though he still looks like a teenager, at the time of this writing, Shimabukuro is 34 years old. Now in his third decade of playing the ukulele, his music continues to evolve. We decided to check in with Shimabukuro on the phone from his home in Hawaii and hear about his latest projects. Fretboard Journal: Obviously, a lot of kids in Hawaii play the ukulele. When did it go from being a typical recreational activity to taking over your life?

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Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele - JS1 Shima Ukulele -

Jake Shimabukuro Wideneck Soprano Ukulele With Tenor Range. Signed by Jake and brother Bruce

Glad you reviewed this, Barry. I'm also delighted I got a Famous FS Exciting news for UK readers! Jake himself has signed one of these lovely ukes and sent it to England for us to use for fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association! Isn't that kind and just absolutely wonderful!

Shima JS ' Jake Shimabukuro' Wideneck Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

On the suggestion of his manager, Van Fletcher, Jake went to a studio in Nashville without any preparation, or a real plan, besides jamming with bassist Nolan Verner and percussionist Evan Hutchings. Using the recording studio as a creative space is a formula that has been used in rock, hip-hop, and pop for decades, but was new to Shimabukuro, who normally goes into a studio with a full concept and lots of rehearsal. In addition to ploughing new ground with his latest album, Shimabukuro has stepped into a side-gig repairing instruments. Nashville Sessions sounds like one of those records where the band and the studio team are a big part of the creative process. Oh yeah, this was a very collaborative project.





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