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150424 Fluttering India - 3 ep - FULL 1

exciting india eng sub

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Follow NewAsianTV. Asian Drama. Fluttering India. Comment Runtime Info Report. Extend 1 2 3 4.

I would like to assure the Kpop-fandom in general, that we Indians are not the barbaric, virus-infected savages that you mistakenly and hilariously assume us to be and nor are the conditions here so severely unhygienic that your oppars would get infected or tired or malnourished. I could go on and on, but I suggest most of you brush up your General knowledge, seeing that most of the kpop netizens severely lack in that aspect,. Suho in that light grey sweater in the first ep of Fluttering India tho.. Watching 5 idols watch a bollywood movie. The caption was not understanding the words but still loving it Its basically the feeling international fans get when they listen to kpop we dont understand but we love it nontheless. Within a span of twenty-four hours everyone in the whole world had researched everything about India and became reliable and trustworthy critics of the monolithic Indian scenario. Cue comments from all those people who went vacationing in India for a year.

Before I venture forth on this endeavour, I find it absolutely necessary to introduce the Indian concept of jugaad. If you are part of the post Commonwealth Games era, you would understand why jugaad is quintessential to India. It results in a glittery project on a rickety foundation. A house of cards which looks intriguing but collapses on even the slightest investigation. The last two episodes are exactly such valiant saves to get the show on track and make it a bit entertaining.

Cast: updating Toggle navigation. Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update. Watch other episodes of Fluttering India Series at Kshow Fluttering India Episode 1 kshow Rating: 10 out of 10 3 votes.

"Fluttering India" Episodes 3-4: The Possibilities Were Endless


[Eng Sub] 150520 Sunggyu Fluttering India Episode 4



[VIDEO/ENGSUB] KBSs Fluttering India With Kyuhyun [Episode 1 4 (Final)]


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