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mostra monet milano 2017


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News Benvenuti nel sito della Pinacoteca di Brera. Brera a modo tuo! Luglio Gli strumenti per visitare il museo in completa autonomia Luglio News 5xLeonardo dal 16 maggio al 12 gennaio News 5xLeonardo Il biglietto congiunto per seguire le tracce di Leonardo, visitando a prezzo speciale 5 musei di Milano dal 16 maggio al 12 gennaio

Visitors to the exhibition will enjoy a dual experience: first, feeling the same wonder viewers feel before the freshness and simplicity of the shapes and colours of artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec, which contributed to changing and revolutionizing the pictorial language of Paris of the late nineteenth century; and second, discovering the unusual technical elements, the skill and the eccentricity of each of the three artists. There had already been important contact between the two countries, beginning in the sixteenth century when, at the behest of individual fiefdoms and men of the military aristocracy who were particularly sensitive to Western culture and the Christian religion, exploratory missions were sent to America, to Europe and in particular to Italy and the Vatican. However, the treaty of was the first one signed between modern countries after more than two centuries of a closed Japan. Therefore is not only an important anniversary for diplomacy; it will also become an opportunity to explore or even discover new aspects of the cultural, economic, political and social exchanges which have taken place between our country and Japan and which today are more present than ever. The programme is packed with events and celebrations involving various cities and Japanese and Italian institutions.

Nobody like Claude Monet has been able to capture the dance of light and enclose it in immortal canvases that seem alive in the eyes of the spectator. The Parisian museum that celebrates eighty years of life in , in addition to the works of Monet, preserves paintings by other artists close to the impressionist movement such as Renoir, Manet, Gauguin or Degas. Monet exhibition in Rome ! On display in the Brasini Wing of the Complesso del Vittoriano there will therefore be the paintings that Monet kept in his last Giverny residence , the one that went down in history for the small lake that offered shelter to the Celtic water lilies portrayed by the artist in the last years of life. The Rome exhibition will therefore be an opportunity to retrace the artistic career of Monet and, at the same time, to investigate Impressionism , the movement of which the artist was one of the most important exponents. In addition, the color and reality of Monet has inspired many other impressionist artists, focused on reproducing reality as seen by the artist when he portrays it and not idealizing and perfecting it, making clear what the eye in reality perceives as fleeting.

Bellezza e abisso. During the whole year, Wien is preparing itself to celebrate Modernism, years after the death of the four main protagonists of this movement: Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Otto Wagner and Koloman Moser, four artists who left an indelible imprint on Wien, in the early s. Anversa Barocca Rubens inspires. Antwerp is the only city in the world to be so permeated in every respect by Peter Paul Rubens and his baroque legacy.

These assertions by renowned painters ó his contemporaries ó should suffice to convey an immediate idea of the central role Edouard Manet played in the history of European art. This bold and courageous man full of special charisma and extraordinary artistic talent set out to endow the greatness of classical painting with the freedom of modern art. And there is no doubt that he succeeded. His prestige, his innovative ideas and skills in the field of painting, were soon to make him the unsurpassed leader of the Impressionist movement to which he never really wanted to belong: he did not take part in eight of the Impressionist shows held between and , exhibiting instead ó notwithstanding the possibility of his being rejected ó in the Salon, the only venue whose authority he recognized. From the start, he aimed to be recognized as an innovator, someone who would lead art onto the path of modernity.


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