Macchina di santa rosa 2017

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Viva Santa Rosa - Picture of Macchina di Santa Rosa, Viterbo

macchina di santa rosa 2017

The Macchina of Santa Rosa is a metre-high (98 ft) tower, which is rebuilt about every 5 years, in honor of Saint Rose of Viterbo, the patron saint of the city of.

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Every September in Viterbo, something truly special and unique occurs. An event that will astonish anyone who gets the opportunity to watch. This event is Macchina di Santa Rosa, an annual tradition that involves more than men carrying a five ton tower, 30 meters tall inside the walls of Viterbo to seven different churches to be blessed along the way. With a contest every few years on the design of the tower, they become more and more elaborate with the patron saint statue usually standing at the top. Before the carrying of the Macchina tower, dozens of people in medieval garb dance through the streets for the story of Santa Rosa to be retold.

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Viterbo, there is a very good reason to choose September: the procession of the Macchina di Santa Rosa.
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If you can be here on the 3rd September for this festa, then do so, cause it really is a great An absolutely one in a kind experience. The atmosphere and the great statue they carry is If you can be here on the 3rd September for this festa, then do so, cause it really is a great spectacle to see, this 30 metre high tower with Saint Rose on top carried by one hundred men. The main event begins at 9pm

photo0.jpg - Picture of Macchina di Santa Rosa, Viterbo

This is incredible., Read more.

La Macchina di Santa Rosa Viterbo

Every year on the evening of 3 September men called "Facchini di Santa Rosa" porters of Saint Rose hoist the Macchina - weighing about 11, pounds - and carry it through the very narrow streets and squares of the medieval town centre. The procession is an important event in Viterbo and attracts thousands of people. The celebration consists of two distinct parts. On the afternoon of 2 September, a reliquary containing the heart of Santa Rosa is carried in procession accompanied by people in period costumes of the 14th through the 19th centuries. The transport of Machine of Santa Rosa takes place the following evening. The term "machine" is borrowed from classical Greek theater. The transport of the Macchina dates back to the transfer of the body of Saint Rose of Viterbo.


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