John edwards sex tape

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Andrew Young On Oprah: John Edwards Sex Tape Details (VIDEO)

john edwards sex tape

"The Daily Beast can now describe" the John Edwards sex tape "in detail, based on accounts from multiple people who have watched it.

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In the order returning the tape and other items to Hunter, Judge Carl R. Fox allowed Edwards or other parties to delay that destruction, but specifically exempted the tape from any stay. John Edwards has asked a judge not to destroy a sex tape he made with former mistress Rielle Hunter. District Court in Greensboro, North Carolina, asking that the court issue a stay in a recent settlement involving Hunter and Edwards' former aide, Andrew Young. Edwards asked the court to enforce the stay "with respect to any transfer or destruction of items," including the sex tape that rocked his political career. Hunter was recently awarded ownership of the sex tape, which shows Edwards in a sexual encounter with a pregnant Hunter. She also won possession of other items disputed in the case, including a series of intimate photos of Hunter and her daughter.

The sex tape made by John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter may yet play a significant role in Edwards' trial as the judge cleared the way today for testimony surrounding the steamy video that was made as Edwards was preparing to run for president. Prosecutors and Edwards' lawyers have agreed the video itself won't be shown to jurors. But the two sides have agreed that testimony about the tape can be introduced. Among the questions that Edwards' lawyers may seek to be answered, they said in court today while the jury was out, was whether former Edwards aide Andrew Young stole the video from Hunter, whether he tried to sell it, and whether he threatened Edwards with it when the effort to hide Hunter was unraveling. Earlier questions about the video were put on hold until Judge Catherine Eagles made a ruling about it. The ruling came during a day of often angry and emotional testimony from Young's wife, Cheri Young, who told the court she was disgusted by Edwards' financial scheme to hide his girlfriend's pregnancy, but agreed to help after Edwards personally assured her that it was legal.

Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young has made recent headlines with his claims to have seen a sex tape filmed by his former boss John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Salon obtained a secret copy of the tape in question, a transcript of which is below:. The following takes place in a Travelodge off the New Jersey turnpike. Rielle sits on a plaid couch beside a camping stove. She wears a lacy negligee with a touch of -- could it be?

That will cure anyone. This isn't the first time that Rielle Hunter's sexcapades have inspired "art. As the author's former girlfriend , it's said that Rielle Hunter provided the inspiration for the "ostensibly jaded, sexually voracious year-old" Alison Poole in the novel Story of My Life by Jay McInerney. Read the full review here. Yes, it appears that John Edwards is packing "like whoa.

John Edwards Sex Tape: Judge Exempts Tape From Any Stay Of Destruction [UPDATED]

On the video, both participants are naked. - Skip to content. A sex tape made by former US presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter will be destroyed, according to The Associated Press , which says Edwards continues to face legal troubles stemming from their affair.

John Edwards To Judge: Please Don't Destroy My Sex Tape

Yesterday Edwards asked the court to issue a "stay" on a previous legal settlement he reached with Hunter and his former aide Andrew Young that included an agreement to destroy all known copies of the tape. Here's what WRAL reported this morning. Ahead of his federal trial involving alleged campaign finance violations, John Edwards is asking a judge to keep a sex tape involving him and his mistress from being destroyed. In a request filed Friday in U. District Court in Greensboro, Edwards asks that the court issue a stay in a settlement last week about the video involving Rielle Hunter and his former aide, Andrew Young. Edwards is facing trial in April for charges that he illegally used campaign money to cover up the affair he was having with Hunter, while his cancer-stricken wife was alternately campaigning for him and dealing with her illness. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

After years of legal grappling, the X-rated extramarital sex tape involving ex-respectable politician John Edwards, his pantsless mistress Rielle Hunter, and the murder of everything you find beautiful and precious in the world is now safely in the hands of a woman who surely would never to think to profit from it. Rielle Hunter. So, when is this thing going to hit the 'net? The Huffington Post reports that the tape, which was made during the darkest moment in all of human history, was made while at some point before the summer of , when Edwards was poised to run for President on the Democratic ticket and Rielle Hunter was pregnant with John Edwards' child and living with former aide Andrew Young. Hunter says she threw the tape away but that it was stolen by Young, who refused to surrender it to Hunter. Young is the guy who originally claimed to be the father of Hunter's baby as a way to "take one for Team Edwards. Did you make it through that paragraph without throwing up on yourself?

John Edwards' secret sex tape

Andrew Young was on Oprah to talk about his book "The Politician" about his life and the lies of John Edwards, and Oprah asked about the sex tape. Young's wife told Oprah that the sex tape was her security, and implied that it showed John Edwards performing oral sex on Rielle Hunter. When Oprah asked what was on the tape, Andrew wouldn't say what the tape showed, but his wife Cheri piped up. He is performing sexual acts. The woman is holding the camera. He is aware he is being tape.


John Edwards's former mistress, Rielle Hunter, has been declared the owner of the sex tape featuring herself and the ex-presidential candidate.
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