Giovanni fattori rotonda di palmieri

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File:Silvestro Lega - La rotonda dei Bagni Palmieri - 1866.jpg

giovanni fattori rotonda di palmieri

La Rotonda di Palmieri, by Giovanni Fattori. Impressionism. genre painting.

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The Peasant's Head oil on wood. Giovanni Fattori was an Italian painter. The son of an artisan, he studied in Livorno with the modest painter, Bandini, and G. Bezzuoli in Florence He makes his debut with a historical painting portraying a romantic subject still exemplary from a painting elaborated between and by Maria Stuarda at the field of Crookstone, Florence, Gall.

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After a long period of cohabitation, the 2 July married Settimia Vannucci, which, however,, being ill with tuberculosis, had to move from Florence to Livorno, so they can benefit from better weather conditions, Factors also the city where he returned regularly to stay. In his home town made some portraits, which emerged in the new taste for chiaroscuro tones and sharp contrast between their. Meanwhile, the bond of friendship with Nino Costa became deeper, so that the artist moved permanently to Rome from Florence the about. In addition, due to the death of his wife, occurred on 26 March , Factors fell into a deep sadness, finding his only comfort and loving support group and leading theoretician of the new Tuscan, Diego Martelli , who invited him at his home in Castiglioncello, where the artist was able to strengthen its ties with the painters macchiaioli. The artist finally turned his gaze to the landscape painting. Specimen of the Opera was beautiful Rotonda Palmieri , where the relationship between the brightness of the sun and the shadows seem to recall a French taste, but for which factor was not yet aware.

Giovanni Fattori

I Macchiaioli al Museo Fattori di Livorno




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