E3 2017 rockstar games

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E3 2017 schedule - What are the UK times?

e3 2017 rockstar games

We imagine the PlayStation E3 press conference is going to have the biggest number of new games on show and even greater than the.

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo - more commonly known simply as E3 is comfortably the biggest global event on the gaming calendar. Held every June in California, it is the ultimate stage for hardware and software developers to announce new products, further the excitement around future releases and much, much more. E3 has traditionally been an industry only event but this year it opened its doors to the public, selling 15, tickets. E3 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the event is held most years. E3 has a huge online presence with all the main press conference available to stream from numerous sources. There will be an official Youtube stream showing the press conferences as they happen too. You can also download the mobile app to keep up to date with it all.

It's been an eventful first few days at E3 EA put on another solid show with a few surprises, Microsoft's finally released Xbox One X and Bethesda once again delivered another near perfect conference where Wolfenstein and The Evil Within both shined. Earlier today, a renewed Ubisoft restored, even more, faith in their core games and now it's over to Sony. We imagine the PlayStation E3 press conference is going to have the biggest number of new games on show and even greater than the 42 presented by Xbox last night. You can watch via YouTube, Twitch and a live stream we'll have for you embedded above closer to the time.

E3 - Rockstar Games' massively anticipated Western skips E3 -- should we be worried, or is this all part of the plan? It's been seven months since Rockstar revealed Red Dead Redemption 2 with a cinematic trailer, and the game was noticeably absent at E3 We expected to see a new bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 footage at E3, likely at Sony's presser since PS4 has exclusive content hinting Sony secured a marketing deal. Since Red Dead Redemption 2's delay announcement Rockstar hasn't said a peep about the game. Now we know that Rockstar typically plays by their own rules and releases content when they want, but with Microsoft's new Xbox One X and Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro pushing 4K throughout , we expected to see some sort of teasers that harness this new tech shown off at E3 proper.

With Sony's plans laid out and both Microsoft and Nintendo containing fairly obvious guesses, the largest question mark this year is what are third-party developers and publishers like Capcom and Ubisoft bringing to show off this year? There's still a few days to go before E3, so we're laying all our cards out for you to see, and say what projects think will and won't show this year as well as other announcements. Bethesda released a teaser for Given that the teaser itself, as well as its very title, focuses on a vault instead of the familiar sprawl of the Wasteland, we're pretty confident that whatever 76 turns out to be, it won't be quite the Fallout we know. Supposedly an interstellar answer to Bethesda's open-world formula, Starfield has been rumored for years but has never made a showing. Considering that Rage is all that Bethesda has revealed so far and that the next Elder Scrolls isn't even reportedly in development yet, it would make sense for the showstopper at this year to be a new IP.

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Wondering why there was no Red Dead Redemption 2 booth at E3 ? Sam Houser explains Rockstar's stance. Rockstar Games likes to do things their own way, and that is especially true when it comes to attending video game conventions.

E3 2017: The games lineup we most want to see

Filling huge venues and live-streamed to a global audience of millions, these one-hour hype-fests can make all the difference between blockbusting success and ignoble failure. Here, then, are our 17 favourite announcements, culled from all the pre-E3 shows. These are the titles we want to discover more about at the show, and over the months to come.



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