Natalie portman miss dior 2017

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Interview with Natalie Portman | DIORMAG

natalie portman miss dior 2017

MISS DIOR - Behind the scenes

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The story starts out with Portman looking stunning in Dior sunglasses and an embroidered gown, then quickly cuts to a heated argument between our leading lady and her love interest. She holds a tulle gown to her body while shouting at the man, emotional and glamorous. Through a series of quick shots, Portman continues to paint a portrait of the reimagined Miss Dior, a passionate, feisty woman full of life who truly lives in the moment. She jumps off a high dock wearing another Dior gown and runs through a house in a playful chase, not caring about stepping on furniture. But most importantly, this new Miss Dior is a real person with real feelings. This new iteration of the character encompasses the sense of adventure and the elegance but has more complex emotions.

Perfume ads, we can agree, are obnoxious and absurd. But when done well, all that self-consciously abstruse storytelling actually adds up to something irresistible. The theme of the Johansson spot, and so many other perfume ads, is that love is the only theme of lifeóand that finding it, and keeping it, is worth literally any amount of drama. As perfume-ad narratives go, the Miss Dior stuff has relative clarity. The new spot is shorter, but also a love story, full of ups and downs, and kissing and shoving.

More news. I would do the impossible, push the limits, like Miss Dior! At the heart of this new Eau de Parfum with its couture spirit, we find the sensual and velvety soft Grasse rose, paired with the sexy damask rose like a dress of transparent tulle. Around this, the freshness of notes of blood orange, mandarin and Calabrian bergamot recall lace, while pink berries and rosewood from Guyana bring a boldness to the composition, in the manner of a statement embroidery. The ensemble forms a customized wild rose, a light haute couture creation for women who assume their personality and express their emotions, like the Dior looks designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. On the sidelines of the new campaign which we unveiled to you yesterday, the actress Natalie Portman speaks about the modern and passionate Miss Dior she embodies.

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Everyone Is in Love With Natalie Portmanís Latest Ridiculously Stylish Miss Dior Ad


"What Would You Do For Love?"

Allegedly, as Dior was preparing for the launch of his first perfume, the name for the fragrance had yet to be invented. Then his sister, Catherine Dior, walked into the salon of 30 Avenue Montaigne. Because of her now nine-year partnership with Dior, Natalie has starred in numerous commercials for the perfume, with the newest one just released. Naturally, we ranked from worst to best:. This is just Natalie posing with the bottle of perfume on a pink couch. This is a stereotype of a perfume commercial. Side note: Is this an ad?

Songs: Chandelier - Sia iTunes. Award-winning actress Natalie Portman portrays Miss Dior, a strong, liberated woman who reveals the true nature of romance and all of its different facets. As Sia's "Chandelier" plays, Portman and her love argue, hold hands and run on a beach, conveying the wide range of emotions associated with love and how much one is willing to dare in the name of it. Sorry, we only accept work mail accounts. Submit Already unlocked?

Miss Dior - Absolutely Blooming feat Natalie Portman

Why Natalie Portmanís New ĎMiss Diorí Is More Wild & Passionate Than Ever






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