Programma itaca 2017 2018

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programma itaca 2017 2018

programma itaca 2017 2018

????la mia esperienza in Canada- PROGRAMMA ITACA????


It represents a good practice in which tourists and the local community give life to socially innovative practices that contribute to develop the territory in a sustainable way. Focusing on the issue of responsibility in tourism, the festival has evolved in 10 years of programming, organizing more than initiatives and events, intended as opportunities to encourage participants to reflect on their approach to tourism. The Festival aims to creating a network of different organizations involved in responsible travel, and to engage participants in a multisensory experience. In , it will involve more than 15 territories spread all over Italy from the North to the South to talk and work on the Universal Accessibilty of tourism. It involves more than organizations working in the territory in fields of responsible tourism, international cooperation and social promotion with the same objective : sustainable local development. It acts as a binding agent in creating a territorial network composed by public institutions, associations, NGO, no profit as well as profit entities, such as tour operator and receptive structures: all different organizations that have in common sustainability and responsibility as main issue.

Hundreds of Italian secondary schools submitted their PON projects in July and sent their students abroad for language learning and work experiences over the summer. This article will help you identify these programmes and understand more about how each one of them works. The programme, managed by the Italian Ministry of Education, channels funds from the European Union into Italian public schools to promote initiatives aiming at ensuring high quality in the national education and training system. Beneficiaries can be students aged who are enrolled in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of secondary education. Each school can send abroad a group of 15 students and 2 accompanying teachers.

Music and rights with an open reflection on social issues , for 18 years Itaca Social Cooperative and Folkest have been working side by side in an awareness-raising perspective aimed at welcoming people and respecting all individuals. Because safeguarding the right of citizenship is also synonymous of strengthening the autonomy of the person and enhancing all abilities. To give greater strength to its commitment, Itaca this year — and for the sixth consecutive year — will be present at Folkest with the Capitano tutti a noi project , a musical group born in Pordenone in and currently made up of six members. Characteristic of the Capitano tutti a noi project is being constantly open to new entries, even if only to share a musical experience of listening to each others, in which the group as well as music becomes a family, a group of friends. A place and laboratory of comparison where the main elements are the strength of being a group and sharing a common passion, which is music. Eighteen years have passed since that first meeting between Itaca and Folkest, and every summer ends with the commitment to continue to share a path and a common project to promote networking and meetings. This is how Capitano tutte a noi present themselves, a musical formation founded in in Pordenone within a project of the Itaca Social Cooperative , and currently made up of six members.

Il bando offre borse di studio per programmi scolastici della durata di 3 mesi, 6 mesi o un intero anno accademico. The Ithaca Peace Festival is a three day family friendly community wide festival. Our mission is to bring all faith and non-faith communities together to celebrate our diversity and to raise funds for organizations that support peace related activities. Events on December 31, — January 29, , powered by Localist. The Office of Human Resources would like to invite all faculty and staff to celebrate the New Year and the start of the semester at the Winter Luncheon on.

On July 9th, the city of Naples will host the third stage of the Roadshow to promote knowledge and the use of innovative tenders. What are the opportunities related to the use of innovative contracts? What are the tools to make the most of them? To what extent can these procedures represent an opportunity for public administration, companies, start-ups and the research world? Protagonists of public and private innovation, to deepen the advantages, and resources allocated for innovative tender procedures. The event is part of the process initiated by AgID, Confindustria, the Conference of Regions and Itaca, to promote the knowledge and use of innovative tenders.

CAPITANO TUTTE A NOI – Itaca at Folkest for social issues


And you too, Roy. But hey, both of you, keep your feet on the ground. You two fellas know how to do that. You got a voice, you got a saxophone, you got a full band behind you. Now that was a show. That was the moment we knew, Alex, you were gonna be someone.



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