Never skip leg day

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11 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day

never skip leg day

Dec 28, Let These Guys Be The Reminder To Never Skip Leg Days. Ask a gym goer what their least favorite muscle to train is, and they'll point you to.

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What is often referred to as Leg Day is a day that some beginner weightlifters either don't know about or actively avoid. More seasoned lifters know that if they skip leg day they will end up unbalanced, top heavy, injured, and also may end up being featured in the next "never skip leg day" meme on social media. To some, leg day is the worst day of the workout week. They feel this way because they would rather be pumping up their arms, their shoulders, or most often their chest. As much as it is forgotten about, some lifters would even rather be working their back! But on leg day, they are stuck working a part of the body that shows the least but poops you out the most. All that being said, there are many great reasons not to skip leg day and today we are going to examine a few of them.

We all know that one person that has an enormous torso and twigs for legs. A person who skips leg day is easy to spot.
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Leg day is religion for serious lifters and its observance is a widely celebrated day for most bodybuilders on social media. While many dudes focus on their upper body and abs, these 18 guys are our leg day favorites for their impressive quads, hammies, calves, and ahem glutes that captivate our attention. He posts daily how-to training videos about getting ripped and staying fit. Follow him at sergiconstance. This guy redefines leg day. Follow him at PeterMolnarOfficial.

8 Reasons to Not Skip Leg Day

Not only will your legs look scrawny, but your strength and performance will suffer. Leg workouts are hard, no doubt., If you treat your legs fairly, your leg workouts should be the most brutal and taxing of all your workouts. It is because of not training their lower body adequately.

Let These Guys Be The Reminder To Never Skip Leg Days

Scientists previously believed your brain wore the trousers so to speak when it came to your nervous system, but it turns out your leg muscles have plenty of say in the matter. Related: 7 ways to give leg day a step-up. The study, published in Frontiers in Neuroscience , stopped mice from using their hind legs for 28 days, while ensuring they otherwise lived as normal. Afterwards, the scientists examined an area of the brain called the sub-ventricular zone, which is responsible for nerve cell health. Or whatever exercise mice usually do.


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