Bardolino festa del vino 2017

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bardolino festa del vino 2017

Festa del vino Bardolino Lago di Garda

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Hi, does anyone know if the dates of the Bardolino Wine Festival have been released yet? Hi, the dates haven't been announced yet. This date is almost every year the same, because on 3. And the Italiens adjusted the date of the wine festival to our holiday. Maybe you remember, in former time this festival was one week earlier. It's usually Thursday to Monday so have they moved it from Friday to Tuesday for ?

We are immensely proud to have received, for the fourth year in row, the Ecofriendly Award. This year there will be almost exhibitors from the four corners of the globe. Three intense days of business meetings, events and tastings exclusively for professionals retail, wholesale, production, hospitality. We will presenting new and current vintges of our wines, from the Chiaretto Spumante to the top Amarone. We look forward to meeting our actual importers, new prospects for future collaborations and anyone who is interested in our products.

Tripadvisor Bravo. Free shuttle service For all our Guests who do not have the use of a car there is a FREE shuttle service to the town of Garda and also to the clotest shopping centre and supermarket. Children years are FREE. Info : www. Intense period of work but also of party, game and memories.

The mild climate, the lake and the fertile hills have always been Bardolino's assets.
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Hi, I'm not sure if the dates have been announced yet, but it is usually the first weekend in June so probably June 1st - 3rd in That is great thank you! What brilliant weekend it was this year- I definitely want to make it next year. Yes, the second wine festival start this year at sept. But the highlight is on the weekend of sept.

The festival marks the maturation and distribution of the new Bardolino wine. Bardolino Wine Festival. Bardolino is a town situated on Lake Garda which is famous for its wine. Each year there is a festival to mark the maturation and distribution of the Bardolino wine which is a dry red wine. Its fresh and fruity flavour is usually accompanied with light dishes such as pasta and salads but many enjoy it with the famous This year is was 2nd-4th June. Thank you.

Festa dell'uva e del vino Bardolino 2017 - pagina ufficiale

TURISMO ENOGASTRONOMICO - Alla scoperta del vino Bardolino

Bardolino grape and wine festival

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