Festival cannes 2017 claudia cardinale

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Cannes-troversy? Claudia Cardinale On “False Row” Over Fest Poster Retouch

festival cannes 2017 claudia cardinale

RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Exclusive Interview Claudia Cardinale at Festival de Cannes 2017

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The poster, coinciding with the prestigious anniversary, promises a festival red as passion and bright as gold. It encompasses a thought, a reasoning, the way I imagined the festival at that time of my life. But that picture makes me think about my beginnings, a time when I never imagined I could end up on the steps of the most famous Palace of cinema of the world. Happy Anniversary Cannes! Cannes Film Festival , a tribute to Claudia Cardinale. March 30, August 1,

By Nancy Tartaglione. The 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival kicks off 7 weeks from today, and while speculation continues to swirl around the movies that will make the cut in Official Selection, the fest has just twirled out the Official Poster for the landmark anniversary. The Cannes poster is annually anticipated, dissected and collected. Who better to symbolize the next Festival than Claudia Cardinale, the image of an adventurous actress, independent woman and social activist? Throughout the day festival, the spirit of openness and welcome will infuse the Croisette — as it does every year — with pictures of a world that dares to look itself in the mirror, to stand proud and to speak out. That dance on the rooftops of Rome was back in Happy anniversary!

The official poster for this year's Cannes Film Festival sparked an outcry Wednesday over claims that Italian actress Claudia Cardinale's thighs had been airbrushed to make them thinner. French media poured scorn on the festival for seemingly tampering with a photograph of Cardinale swirling her skirt on a Rome roof in What a pity," it said. Why the need to alter Claudia Cardinale's body so dramatically for Cannes official poster? There was a similarly hostile reaction on social media, with one Twitter user saying, "If even Claudia Cardinale cannot represent beauty without being retouched, we really are in trouble.

Why the need to alter Claudia Cardinale's body so dramatically for Cannes official poster? Do better, person in charge of making Cannes posters. The real ClaudiaCardinale in all her mediterranean glory. No retouching. Skip navigation! The Cannes Film Festival revealed its poster yesterday, and people were none too happy with it.

Cannes Unveils 70th Edition’s Poster of a Young Claudia Cardinale Dancing


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