White collar season 3 episodes

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“White Collar” Season 3 Recap: What Diana’s been up to

white collar season 3 episodes

Season 3 Season Episodes 3 16 Aired June 7, () - February 28 , () Premiere On Guard Mid-Season Finale Countdown.

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Anguished, Neal promises to do everything in his power to bring Elizabeth back, even if it means handing over the treasure to his bitter rival. Problem is, Mozzie has the treasure, and after their painful parting of ways, he won't be an easy man to find. Thankfully, when Mozzie gets wind of the situation, he rushes back to lend a hand. However, the contemplative con man rightfully reasons that giving the treasure to Keller will only be signing Elizabeth's death sentence. Peter's only hope of seeing his wife alive again will be to stall Keller and give the FBI enough time to find her.

The pair form an unlikely partnership as they work together to apprehend white collar criminals. Natalie Morales appeared in the first season as agent Lauren Cruz. Hilarie Burton was introduced in the second season as Sara Ellis , a love interest for Neal. She joined the main cast at the beginning of the third season. White Collar aired its first season of 14 episodes in two parts, which premiered in and This was followed by a second season, comprising 16 episodes. The first group of nine episodes aired in summer , while the remaining seven aired in spring

Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

But back up four days. Peter is unhappily subjecting Neal to hours of interrogation, looking for any piece of information that will link him to the warehouse explosion in the season 2 finale. What both Peter and Neal don't know is that it was Mozzie who created the explosion and stole the artwork, and who is now planning for he and Neal's ultimate getaway.

Episode Descriptions (Season 3)

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When Agent Kramer returns to derail Neal's commutation, Neal races to right a wrong from his past. When a wealthy Yankee fan recruits Neal to help steal a prized piece of memorabilia! Neal Caffrey is reminded of what life could be like again as a high-end thief. Neal gets a taste of what his ideal life in New York might be like when he is assigned to work a case with his ex-girlfriend, Sara Ellis. When Elizabeth overhears one of her neighbors in a suspicious conversation, her curiosity leads Peter and Neal to uncover a robbery plot against a posh Manhattan Hotel. When scholarship funds from a prestigious prep school mysteriously disappear, Neal poses as a substitute teacher to help Peter and the FBI figure out where the money is really going.

How excited would you be if I told you that a certain, husky-voiced, raven-haired, suit-rocking, gun-toting cop was engaged to her glamorous, gorgeous, doctor girlfriend? Well, it happened on White Collar a few weeks ago. I think Mama Rizzoli can put away her bridal magazines for a bit. But instead of dwelling on that sad news, we can revel in a show with an actual lesbian who is engaged to her lovely girlfriend. Agent Diana Barrigan Marsha Thomason announced to her engagement to her oft-mentioned, seldom seen, girlfriend Christie in a typically low-key manner. When asked by her boss, Agent Peter Burke Tim DeKay , what she was planning for the weekend she simply replied that she and Christie Moran Atias were going ring shopping. Peter and Jones jumped at the news like a couple of Kappa Kappa Gammas.

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  1. On September 27, , White Collar was renewed for a 16 episode third season , which began June 7,

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