Avvistamenti ufo 2017 italia

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avvistamenti ufo 2017 italia

Sviluppi e retroscena degli avvistamenti UFO piu virali del Spaziale Internazionale ci giungono anche attraverso gli articoli di Wired e Fox Italia. . oltre due milioni di visualizzazioni dalla data di pubblicazione (14 gennaio ).

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A second China UFO sighting has residents on edge, just seven days after an unidentified flying object shut down a Chinese airport. Witnesses told Shanghai Daily they saw the same thing: "four lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape that hovered over the city's Shaping Park for over an hour. Last week, flights were diverted in Hangzhou -- also in eastern China -- after a mysterious object was seen hovering in the sky, People's Daily reports. State-run Xinhua News Agency quoted a head of air traffic control as saying, "No conclusion has yet been drawn" about the UFO by the airport. China Daily reported that a source with knowledge of the matter said there was a military link but made no further comment. UFO sightings in China are not as common as some places, and there have been only a handful of well-publicized incidents in the last several decades.

Nel ha vinto il titolo di miss Idaho e partecipato alla finale del concorso di miss America. Nel ha vinto una borsa di studio per frequentare la Stanford University in California , dove nel ha conseguito il Master in Scienza della Comunicazione. Nello stesso anno ha sposato Larry W. Sempre nel ha cominciato la sua carriera di giornalista televisiva e autrice di documentari. Fino al ha lavorato per diverse televisioni statunitensi, poi ha fondato una propria casa di produzione, la Linda Moulton Howe Productions.

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This time series shows carbon monoxide associated with fires from the Amazon region in Brazil from Aug. As the series progresses, the carbon monoxide plume grows in the northwest Amazon region then drifts in a more concentrated plume toward the southeastern part of the country. Green indicates concentrations of carbon monoxide at approximately parts per billion by volume ppbv ; yellow, at about ppbv; and dark red, at about ppbv. Local values can be significantly higher. A pollutant that can travel large distances, carbon monoxide can persist in the atmosphere for about a month. At the high altitude mapped in these images, the gas has little effect on the air we breathe; however, strong winds can carry it downward to where it can significantly impact air quality.

A first part of the project consisted in the digitalization and full indexing of all press sources of that year. All collected newscuttings had long been ordered and set up on A4 paper sheets at CISU headquarters, where the section occupies seven archive boxes of mostly original clippings taken from dailies and local information newspapers, plus an eighth folder containing extracts from the illustrated magazines which published extensive services on the UFO topic, in that year. In the last few weeks, some CISU volunteers have worked on the full scanning of this collection, which was completed in early May, 2, articles from newspapers, which will soon be joined by those from illustrated magazines. By the end of May a second part of the project will start, concerning UFO sighting case histories. The national catalog of Italian UFO sightings currently includes 1, reports for , each one corresponding to an archive folder containing all sources relating to it. At the end of this work we will now move to the indexing of these new cases, entgering coordinates date, time, location, type in the general database. This second phase of the project should be completed before the summer.

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China UFO Sightings, Back-To-Back, Alarm Residents (VIDEO, POLL)




A lecture about the imagery of flying saucers in and UFO-like space ships in the science fictions pulps and The 4th UFO Historiography Day was held in Turin on March 11, Gli Avvistamenti UFO in Italia.
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