Estate fiorentina 2017 programma

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estate fiorentina 2017 programma

“Apriti Cinema” torna anche quest'anno ad animare le serate dell'Estate Fiorentina. Oltre venti serate di cinema d'autore saranno offerte al.

2017   2017

Highlights: Fiorentina Napoli. Prade: "The lads deserved more". Montella: "Proud of the team and the fans". Past meetings between Fiorentina and Napoli. WelcomeLegend: Ribery at the Franchi. Ribery: "Ready for this challenge".

This is achieved through an innovational and high quality artistic proposal intended for a young, international audience interested in unveiling the connections between contemporary artistic languages and the extraordinary historical heritage of the city. In this highly evocative piece, Hema Bharathi Palani attempts to tie the different ideas of solitude together. Using the larger metaphor of twine, she explores the elasticity with which people become extensions of each other, sometimes coming together, sometimes drifting apart. Set to the haunting sound score of Samar Grewal, the captivating movements of Twine are imbued with the distilled qualities of Indian physical traditions while bringing out refreshing contemporary images. As the momentum of living never slows down, Hema reveals the smaller things one often misses out on — contemplating shadows, or telling secrets albeit in gibberish , or observing the different personalities one has at different times. Twine ties, pulls, shifts, holds together, and at other times, falls apart.

Toscana Classica per l'Estate Fiorentina 2018

Controradio works with Cesvot, the Tuscan centre for volunteering, with different No Profit organizations, museum and theatre of Tuscany. In November ,. The fair was dedicated to the promotion of innovation systems to be introduced in the management of public offices, volunteering organizations and associations.



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  1. Un'iniziativa inserita nel programma dell'Estate Fiorentina del Comune di Firenze , . The president's visit di Cyril Aris (Libano, , 19').

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