Gs 1200 bmw 2017

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New 2017 BMW R 1200 GS Gets Minor Updates

gs 1200 bmw 2017

The BMW R GS Rallye is more off-road-biased than the Exclusive, with stiffer spring rates, longer spring struts, and added travel.


BMW Motorrad says the affected bike may experience incidents of momentary extreme stress at the fork stanchions top of fork. If this happens, a gap could develop at the fork plug that connects the steering bar with the fork, causing stanchion failure. The motorcycle fixed fork tube may separate from the pressed-in seal plug that secures the tube to the upper triple clamp. If the fork tube detaches from the sealing plug, the handling and stability of the motorcycle will be affected, increasing the risk of a crash, BMW reports. The pressed in seal plug can loosen in case of an incident with momentary extreme stress without notice of such damage to the user. The motorcycle was produced in December and had approximately miles at the time of the occurrence. The customer was not injured.

The version was recently updated to adhere to Euro 4 emission norms and the bike is brought to India as CBU completely built unit. It has a mass forward design language and the designers have clearly focused their attention on the front-end of the bike. The asymmetrical headlamp looks unique and is among the key design elements of the motorcycle and now they feature LED daytime Running Lights. The bike has been loaded with electronic goodies with the most talked about feature being the Hill Start Control system that prevents the rider from rolling back on inclines. The bike is powered by the iconic boxer engine displacing 1,cc.

BMW gave its R GS a series of tweaks over the past couple of years to deliver a more polished product than ever before. The overall looks were updated ahead of MY with a few tweaks to the body panels, and the electronic safety fandanglery such as the traction control, Hill Start control, and more are now bundled into new packages to spread some of the love toward the bottom-tier buyers, relatively speaking of course.
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The unique overall concept of the R GS with its down-to-earth character and high-torque engine has thrilled a large number of motorcycle fans all over the world and remains one of the most popular travel enduro bikes to this day. In it has now been optimised in a wide range of areas to provide an even better experience. Designed for even greater versatility than before, it taps into a previously unknown breadth of properties, ranging from dynamic performance to comfort and off-road suitability. This is due to improvements, numerous new features and not least a much-expanded program of optional equipment and optional accessories. While the underlying design architecture of the R GS has been preserved in the new version, optimised ergonomics in the knee area ensure further improved off-road qualities, while more pointed contrasts, new paint finishes and the two optional equipment packages emphasise the distinctive talents of the R GS in its differing forms. Details have been optimised on the front mudguard and at the centre of the front wheel cover, while small slipstream deflectors known as winglets add a touch of aerodynamic perfection.

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With a new cooling concept integrated into the muscle-up-front design from last year, the R GS looks even more ready and capable to carry you on the adventure of your choosing. Standard with disengageable integral ABS, traction control, an on-board computer, a height-adjustable saddle, stepless adjustable windscreen, a pillion adjustable fore and aft, and removable passenger pegs, the R GS and R GS Adventure are great choices for on-road and off-road touring.

BMW R 1200 GS

The BMW GS models powered by the boxer flat-twin engine have been the perfect companion for anyone wishing to explore the furthest reaches of our planet for over three decades. The unique all-wheel drive of the front wheel of the new R GS xDrive Hybrid ensures even better traction on slippery road conditions, deep sand or mud. This technological feat was achieved using the system developed by BMW Automobiles. All-wheel drive can be operated automatically or manually by the rider via the 2WD Two-Wheel Drive switch located on the left handlebar operation unit. It activates the wheel-hub e-Drive system which functions both as electric motor and generator. With the additional output of 33 kW 45 hp and overall kW hp system performance, the innovative all-wheel drive system opens up a whole new dimension of performance and offroad-suitability.

The venerable GS boxer has been the stalwart all-rounder for more than three decades, and the bestselling Beemer for nearly as long. Developing gradually through time, as labels have changed from enduro to trailie, dual-sport and now adventure, the big Bavarian Twin has gained sophistication and capability both on and off the road. The most popular travel enduro bike in the world, the R GS has now been optimized in a wide range of areas. Designed for even greater versatility than before, it taps into a previously unknown breadth of properties, ranging from dynamic performance to comfort and off-road suitability. Dynamic Pro and Enduro Pro, activated by a coded plug, also offer custom options which allow the character of the motorcycle to be adapted. The damping automatically adapts to the situation depending on riding condition and maneuvers, and there is also an automatic self-levelling function to compensate all load states. The optional Rallye package allows the R GS to be optimized for more ambitious off-road use.



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