Ferrara sotto le stelle 2017

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ferrara sotto le stelle 2017

White [email protected] sotto le stelle 2017

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Arrival back in Ferrara at 5. The boat trip provides a fun way of travelling to the village and it also allows you to take your bike on board, free of charge. You could then cycle back to Ferrara along the river banks or, if you are feeling tired, take the boat back to Ferrara. Tickets cost: 20 euro return, 15 euro single, children yrs. Please book now if you are interested: Visit the website: www. Boarding at 8 p. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride along the river Po with a special aperitif onboard the Nena motorboat.

But yes, we arrived there after almost 5 hours of travel and the next day we started to wait for the concert, we were the first just like the other gig and then we saw some other fans. I made some walk near to the stage and the hotel I supposed Franz were going to. My sister took a photo to us. Then I was looking for the others, few minutes later I saw a man walking toward the square where we were and soon I thought is that Alex? Then they started the soundcheck, they played some seconds of Franz songs and some of us started to dance and sing, then we heard The Cribs soundcheck too and finally at 7 o'clock we started to run toward the stage, I put my ticket in my panties and I got the first row.

Summer in Emilia-Romagna lives with music, color and fun! Every year there are so many musical events, from concerts to festivals, organized throughout the region, from the Apennine to the glittering Riviera. From that long to Los Angeles until in Emilia-Romagna, the stage will thrill the true rock spirit with a performance that can make the earth tremble, pure power and fun in Imola. All dressed in dances until late night. Between musical experimentation and contemporary art, do not miss the Milano Marittima Modulo Fest.

Music and concerts for the summer in Emilia-Romagna

Come al solito, noi di Deer Waves abbiamo selezionato rassegne di ogni tipo, per gli amanti di ogni genere e alla portata di tutte le tasche. Facebook: Spring Attitude Festival.




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