Catalogo dorabella primavera estate 2017

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Neville Marriner - ten of his best recordings

catalogo dorabella primavera estate 2017

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Few musicians of his generation recorded more prolifically than Neville Marriner. He made his first discs as an orchestral player in the s, first with the Philharmonia and then as principal second violin of the London Symphony Orchestra, under conductors such as Herbert von Karajan and Pierre Monteux. Neville Marriner: The Early Recordings Marriner and Dart founded ASMF primarily to explore the baroque repertoire, long before it was colonised by the period-instrument movement. By the end of the s Marriner was gradually giving up his playing role in the ASMF to concentrate on conducting. This change of emphasis allowed him and his orchestra the freedom to tackle an ever widening range of chamber-orchestra repertoire. This wonderfully recorded Stravinsky collection, together with the Tippett disc below, were early examples of how versatile they had become.

Sinfonia Allegro, 2. Sinfonia Andante, 3. Sinfonia - Allegro di molto, 4. Sinfonia Marcia, 5. Scena I - Recitativo: Signoe, vincemmo , 6. Scena I - Aria: Se tu la reggi al volo, 7.

Schubert - Ave Maria Arr. Breiner Handel - Hallelujah, From The Messiah Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Romance Albinoni - Adagio In G Minor

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Catalogo Dorabella Primavera-Estate 2017

Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto No. Pieralberto Cattaneo , conductor, Italy Simona Pingitzer , flute. Giovanni Simone Mayr Saffo sinfonia. The refined atmosphere of the 's and 40's, the era of elegant gentlemen and attractive women in evening gowns, has inspired the creation of the 9-member Fats Fats Band. Seven great musicians and two charming singers get the audience's blood pumping and transport them into the swing era of the 20th century. This concert of swing music, full of euphoria and lightness of being, promises the audience an unforgettable experience. John Alden Carpenter Gitanjali Songs for soprano and orchestra - selection.

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