Uomini e donne 28 aprile 2017

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uomini e donne 28 aprile 2017

Alessandro & Irene 28 Aprile 2017

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Sincronie a Villa Belgijoso. Angelotti, A. The Human Condition. Searching for a Place. Muzzi, D.

The available evidence suggests that the Franciscans created their English province in a planned and well organised manner, moving first into the major urban centres and then into the important county towns and harbours so that they were represented in all regions of the kingdom. The creation of urban convents had a profound impact on the topography of the towns in question because public, private and commercial space was gradually acquired by the friars when their precincts extended. In a number of cases the Franciscans also made significant contributions to the urban infrastructure by creating water supplies and aqueducts. Their expansion was carefully planned, a deliberate move from one urban centre to the next, first from Dover to Canterbury 1 , the ecclesiastical capital of the English kingdom, then to London 2 , the political and economic centre, and finally to Oxford where they soon began to attract academics from the university 3. Having established first contacts in these centres where they soon attracted attention and obtained material support, they expanded into the county towns, reaching Northampton in , Norwich 4 and Cambridge 5 in , Hereford 6 and Worcester before , Leicester 7 , Nottingham, Salisbury and Gloucester before , York and Lincoln in c. In the same period first convents were established in Southampton, Lynn and Bristol

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Pope Francis has not yet produced any document specifically addressed to the priests and religious on the theme of pastoral ministry. First, the Pope addresses the priests not so much as presiders of the Eucharist celebration but mostly as pastors and guides of the people of God. In other terms, the Pope stresses more the presbyteral function rather than the priestly function as a liturgical function as such, following in this point the more recent theological trends. Having recently opened the extraordinary Jubilee Year on Mercy for the universal Church, I think it is normal that the profile of the apostle today, as a merciful pastor, is stressed. This is why I want to reflect on this theological theme as a central theme for us during this year of Mercy.

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Uomini e Donne, Trono Over - Esterna di Gemma e Rocco

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