I signori del vino 2017

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Strada del vino vernaccia - Museo del Vino

i signori del vino 2017

I signori del Vino

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Born for a case beacuse a barrel of sweet Recioto was forgotten and its yeast consumed the sugar. Amarone has a few decades of life, but has become a great wine thanks to the selection and the withering of the grapes and the aging of the bottles. The drying is a technical to get from the grapes, wines with a rich taste and aroma of ripe fruit. The selected grapes are dried on special wooden containers or barrels. The delicate varieties grown in this region are so more protected from the summer sun. Strongly defended by the territory of production. In the area of Valdobbiadene DOCG, infact, we find the Cartizze, from grapes of the steep terraces where the roots dig in the soil obtaining the organic nutrients and minerals that give the wine its special flavor, a sensation pleasantly saline.

Salta ai contenuti. Salta alla navigazione. Il 27 luglio si costituisce l' Associazione Strada del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano , associazione senza fini di lucro, avente ad oggetto la valorizzazione e la promozione del territorio oltre alla promozione del miglioramento qualitativo dei prodotti insieme ad un'offerta turistica integrata. Svolge soprattutto le funzioni di Comitato Responsabile art. Villa della Rocca , presso il Centro di documentazione e degustazione del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano e dei prodotti locali. Con l'affinamento e l'invecchiamento sviluppa il caratteristico sentore minerale di pietra focaia.

On October 20th, , accompanied by his assistant, arrived in Fubine to visit Enosis! The first thing that the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry pointed out was in the beautiful panorama from Enosis looking out over Monferrato, which is quite literally in love with. Based on an idea by Marcello Masi and Rocco Tolfa, director and deputy director of TG2, the new television format dedicated to the world of Italian wine returns to the screen. A journey of discovery into the very best of Italian wines. The program relates stories of passion and hard work and tradition that have been protected and preserved by the greatest wine producers — stories of men and women who have contributed so much to this important sector. Stories of courage, of commitment to the soil, of the toil in the vineyards and the work in the winery: because the contents of a bottle are not merely the result of grape ripening and chemical processes — it is the story of the people who have created that wine.

The italian broadcast "I Signori del vino" - Rai2 - in Fonterutoli

The traditional local wine is Bonarda, reaching production peaks of 20 million bottles. The most characteristic white is our Riesling.

For the Love of The Festive Season–Moscato d’Asti

Online voting is open to the public now! Click the […]. Following his first book on Guyot, Marco […]. Vine surgery: the new method for saving vineyards from the esca disease without uprooting has been presented in Friuli. Capriva del Friuli has hosted today the presentation of data collected in 5 years of fieldwork and experimentations in Italian and French vineyards. This is the only course entirely dedicated to vine pruning that respects the sap flow.



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