Costo siae matrimonio 2017

Uffici Siae - Ufficio Siae Di Torino Mirafiori Nuovo Indirizzo E

costo siae matrimonio 2017

Diritti Siae e matrimonio

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Obviously, this has a cost: in recent years we have had to deal with spouses who have been asking the commission of one hundred and fifty Euros for the service! With the official price lists of the SIAE we hope to have provided a useful tool to clarify and defend against unscrupulous operators. Anyone applying for a permit or, as often happens, the bride and groom themselves, do not have to do anything but keep it and, the day of the event, deliver it to the musician DJ who think it compiled. Should they add the titles and authors of the songs played during the day. This sheet is the basic document used to give to those entitled to the proceeds received from the SIAE for the use of musical works.

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Mettiamo la nostra esperienza e la nostra cura per il dettaglio al tuo servizio, con amore. Scegli tra le nostre magiche location per matrimoni in Puglia impossibili da dimenticare. Matrimonio nel bosco! Gli sposi adorano il Bosco e gli animali che ci vivono, come il Gufo. Forse qualcosa [].

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