Peru vs ecuador 2017

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Peru vs Ecuador H2H

peru vs ecuador 2017

Peru declared its independence in , and remaining Spanish forces were General elections were held in April , and voters elected President Lenin.

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Brazil Sunday 20 November 1 — 2 Ecuador vs. Venezuela Sunday 20 November 1 — 2 Guatemala vs. Colombia Sunday 20 November 0 — 3 Argentina vs. Peru Sunday 20 November 3 — 0 Costa Rica vs. Peru Monday 12 December 3 — 0 Ecuador vs.

Source: CIA Factbook. Ancient Peru was the seat of several prominent Andean civilizations, most notably that of the Incas whose empire was captured by Spanish conquistadors in Peru declared its independence in , and remaining Spanish forces were defeated in
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Having traveled through several areas in both Central and South America, curiosity begs the question, why Ecuador and not Peru? Both are beautiful countries with a lot of similarities but there are plenty of differences too, especially in regards to country size and ease of travel. Similarities: The primary language throughout both Ecuador and Peru is Spanish. Both Peru and Ecuador are diverse in the same way when it comes to food, specializing in the cuisine of guinea pig and ceviches, but distinct in their flavors. Ecuador and Peru share the same Andean mountain range and have similar length of coastline and elevation.

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Source: CIA Factbook. Peru's economy reflects its varied topography - an arid lowland coastal region, the central high sierra of the Andes, and the dense forest of the Amazon.



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