Lego technic race game

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Technic Race Lego

lego technic race game

LEGO Technic Race - Lego Racing Games

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Learn more. Build the cars in the workshop, featuring an adjustable car ramp, vintage-style fuel pump and a tool rack, display a car in the museum, and race around the curbs and under the arch on the racetrack section. Build 2 MINI cars and prepare for thrilling rally racing action! Products About. Kidsand car-mad adultswill love constructing beautifully detailed LEGO brick replicas of classic cars, sports cars, endurance cars, race cars and iconic cars, plus models that inspire creative play. These building toys are ideal for playing out driving dreams in races against friends and family, and also make a great gift idea for fans and collectors. Featured Sets.

Very Good 3. Lego Technic Race is a 3D racing game made with unity 3d technology. In this game you are racing with a toy car made from Lego parts on a miniature track. Drive as fast as possible, avoid the obstacles on the track and the other racers. Starting the game you can race only with 2 cars but as you win races you are unlocking other vehicles. Have fun racing! Similar Games.

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Lego Technics Pullback Racers

Lego Technic Race

In this game, you will not see fancy shiny cars with their gleaming hoods on and flashy muffler sliding on those drifts. This game uses Lego cars that will keep you at the edge of your chair as your car drifts on your screen, so close enough you could feel the dust on your face, the accelerator and break on your feet. Feel the rush pump through your blood, the dusty road and the wind blown by chasing cars with this fast and furious game. The challenges of the game do not only revolve around the race. Because it is more than that. It features combined hundreds of challenges and obstacles to pass through for you to be able to get on the next level.

On the route you will have different obstacles that may retard you. Try to avoid these obstacles. At high speed, however, it avoids difficult, so keep a good response, acceleration and you will surely win. Lego: Legends Of Chima Speedorz. Published: Jun 10th, Unity3D Step into the royal tournament and beat your biggest rivals.

You should instead let your imagination run free and make whatever wild plastic chimera of creativity you can come up with. Maybe I took away the wrong message. Regardless, such a lesson was not bestowed upon the developers of LEGO Technic Racing , as they are the only ones who will be doing any creating here. Sadly, there is no actual construction or customization, which would have been most welcome especially as all models of a given type of vehicle on the track look the same anyway. Just swipe down on the touchscreen at the starting line to simulate pulling the car back, let it go, and swipe left or right to switch lanes so that you can move around other vehicles and obstacles.


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