Come si scrive so

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shoti, (non so come si scrive!) gustosissimo pane georgiano - Picture of Georgia, Bari

come si scrive so

Skifidollllll!!!(non so come si scrive??????????) Reny&Viky. April 29, ·. ·. Skifidollllll!!!( non so come si scrive ). 33 · 2 Comments47 Views. Share.

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preceded by the particle si; as, so scrive, so loggeva, so ballera, one writes, le scienze s, riguardano come inezie, sciences are looked upon as trifles; so de.
frasi sulla morte improvvisa

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Of a random sampling of 30 Philly murals that included people, about three-quarters had some degree of facial blurring applied in Street View. In some murals featuring a single individual, like the one of Smith and one of the musician John Coltrane at 29th and Diamond Streets in North Philly, the faces are totally blurred. Catto on Catharine Street in Graduate Hospital, the faces remain fully intact. Stranger still are instances where multiple people are featured in a mural — but only some of the faces are blurred. The Legendary Dixie Hummingbirds mural on 15th Street in North Philadelphia features all six members of the gospel music group, but only one face gets blurred in Street View.

Psychologists explain why name-dropping basically always backfires

Last summer, I was invited to a fancy conference with lots of smart people. I soon found myself falling into an embarrassing pattern. But in so doing, I inadvertently revealed my own insecurities—exactly what I hoped to disguise.


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  1. Come lei, desidero altro: qualcosa che probabilmente non dovrei desiderare. So che si dovrebbe conoscere a fondo la lingua in cui si scrive. So che mi.

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