Paccheri e pesce spada

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How to translate an Italian menu

paccheri e pesce spada

Calamarata con Pesce Spada e Melanzane

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Paccheri is a pasta shape that is all the rage in the USA at the moment. So when we went on vacation to Puglia, on the first night at Torre dei Preti, they offered a dish with paccheri and seafood. The best way to describe paccheri is a half-size cannolini shell or a giant rigatoni. It takes a full minutes to cook these to al dente because you need to cook them in a gentle to medium boil. Paccheri can be used like other dried pastas with sauce or stuffed. I came across an interesting recipe in La Cucina Italiana that is in the spirit of the Pugliaese dish we had.

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July 25, In English please. What is paccheri , you are wondering? I have only had it in NYC restaurants, and even though I live 20 miles from those restaurants, I could not find this pasta. I substituted rigatoni for the paccheri and it was fine.

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