My ex and whys full movie online

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My Ex And Whys (2017) FULL TAGALOG MOVIE

my ex and whys full movie online

Everyday I Love You - Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, Gerald Anderson - Supercut


The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers. Cali Ferrer Liza Soberano is a young blogger who's been hung up on her ex-boyfriend Gio Martinez Enrique Gil for cheating on her two years ago. With all her pent up anger and frustration from her failed relationship, Cali fuels her creativity by leading a hugot -filled blog called The Bakit List. But then, Gio finds out about Cali's blog, which prompts him to create his own blog, The Dahil List , to respond to her posts. Their exchanges catch the attention of, well, everyone online, which suddenly makes them internet famous — thus becoming a "social media love team. The Short, Honest Plot. Does Mr.

My Ex and Whys is hardly subtle at all with what it wants love to wage war against this time. Cali Liza Soberano is a blogger whose inspiration for the questions she posts online is her prolonged disdain towards her ex who cheated on her. Gio Enrique Gil is that ex. They rekindle communications on social media for all the world to see and participate in. Cali comes from a household of women scorned by men they loved and continue to love. Gio, on the other hand, is surrounded by kin who brag about their skillful infidelities. Cali capitalizes on gender stereotypes to put down men during her online tirades, while Gio resists the urge to make a mistake that will prove Cali right.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are set to bring kilig again on the big screen via their upcoming movie, My Ex and Whys. Her ex-boyfriend Gio Enrique unexpectedly returns to her life when she has to work with him for a project as online ambassadors. While Gio's moves indicate that he still loves Cali, his ex-girlfriend still bears the pain from their breakup. Before LizQuen fans watch this Star Cinema film on February 15, , here are five kilig moments from the trailer:. Cali and a topless Gio were locked inside a room by the latter's friends during an event. Gio's friends teased him by saying that in that span of time, he would have already scored on "second base. Upon seeing Cali's shocked reaction, he told her, "Hindi naman lahat ng lalaki, bad boy, e.

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An Honest Review Of 'My Ex And Whys' By 2 Girls Who Love Rom-Coms


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  1. My Ex and Whys [2] [3] is a Philippine romantic comedy drama film co-written and directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

  2. Watch trailers & learn more. My Ex & Whys Popular blogger Cali is hired for a marketing campaign alongside another viral sensation: her ex-boyfriend Gio.

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