Combat arms heartbeat sensor

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How do you use the heartbeat sensor on combat arms?

combat arms heartbeat sensor

-how to use the heartbeat detector- Combat arms tip #1

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Heartbeat Sensor

Use a backpack. Primary weapons except SMGs can unlock the heartbeat sensor attachment.

It is used to detect enemy positions by the sound of their heartbeat. The Heartbeat Sensor is a small, handheld device that appears to be made out of some form of plastic. It is shaped similarly to a Pistol , and has a fold-out screen on the left-hand side that displays the words 'Searching To use the Heartbeat Sensor, a player must click and hold down the left mouse button or whichever key Primary Fire is mapped to , upon which the screen will display 'Searching A box near to the top left of the minimap will appear, showing what appears to be a heartbeat line.



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  1. The Heartbeat Sensor, HB Sensor, or simply Sensor is a Support Weapon purchasable from the shop for GP per day. It is used to detect enemy positions by.

  2. The Heartbeat Detector is a Support weapon purchasable from the Shop for GP a day. It detects enemy positions based on the beating of their heart and.

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