La scogliera la maddalena

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photo0.jpg - Picture of La Scogliera, La Maddalena

la scogliera la maddalena

Ristorante La Scogliera - La Maddalena (OT)


Beautiful setting, good food and Sardinia wines, but unfortunately much to expensive for what one gets! We stopped for lunch at La Scogliera during our boat day trip in sardinia. The setting of the restaurant is beautiful, the tables are on a covered deck facing the sea and there are couches in a lounge area outside. The service was very good. We were four people.

Five years ago, La Scogliera was developed thanks to Andrea Orecchioni, his intuition and determination. His skills have been bringing more and more quality and creativity to the restaurant. Porto Massimo is a private port, the ideal location to stop over your yacht or motorboat: an entertaining prelude to a breathtaking view. It is well-known in the international jet set. In addition, the restaurant has satisfied the tastes of politicians, artists and athletes with the flavors of its cuisine.

Thanks so much for the fantastic time whit my friends. Top one. The place is fantastic.
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We can't complain about the food, it was fine although the choice was fairly limited. Despite the nice sea front setting, the restaurant is in the ghost town of Porto Massimo in La Maddalena, nothing to do with the opulent Porto Cervo. If you get there by boat, just stay on board and enjoy the view of the cute little bay. Beware that the restaurant does not accept Amex Cards, quite a problem if you have to pay for several people. I am an average person of average means trying to appreciate the best of what I can in the world.

Pasta, water and coperta over Euro. Plus, the restaurant controls the small boat that takes guests to their rental boats. Once we saw the prices we tried to get back to our boat but the owner would not let the small boat take us back to the rental boat!! Said we had a reservation and we had to stay. Someone should really call the police on this guy!! Outrageous prices for an extremely mediocre meal so rare in Italy!


Way too expensive - La Scogliera

La Maddalena, Paoramica (Scogliera Tegge)

La Scogliera, La Maddalena





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