Why is marijuana called pot

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Can someone tell me why marijuana is called pot?

why is marijuana called pot

Weed: 12 Interesting Facts You Should Know

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And, even though marijuana is moving toward legalization in many places in the United States, some of that terminology — giggle-smokes! To its users, the drug has many names—many of them evasive. Marijuana may be called muggles, mooter, Mary Warner, Mary Jane, Indian hay, loco weed, love weed, bambalacha, mohasky, mu, moocah, grass, tea or blue sage. Cigarets made from it are killers, goof-butts, joy-smokes, giggle-smokes or reefers. Known to the pharmacopoeia as Cannabis sativa, it is a source of important paint ingredients and rope fiber as well as narcotics. It can be grown easily almost anywhere, hence tends to be inexpensive, as drugs go.

Actually, the origin of the word “pot” has nothing to do with kitchen cooking utensils. That is why so many people have asked, “why is marijuana.
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Why Do We Call Marijuana Pot?

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The term pot originates from a Mexican drink called potacion de guaya ( translated, it means "drink of grief") in which marijuana buds are.
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  1. Weed. Mary Jane. Chronic. There are dozens of slang synonyms for marijuana. But one of the strangest is the word pot. How did the word for a common kitchen.

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