Criminal minds season 13 episode 5

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Lucky Strikes

criminal minds season 13 episode 5

Criminal Minds 13x05 Promo "Lucky Strikes" (HD) Season 13 Episode 5 Promo - ft. Shemar Moore

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Former agent Derek Morgan Shemar Moore makes an unexpected appearance. Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler to investigate. Rossi feels that their suspect Floyd Feylinn Ferrell Jamie Kennedy may be manipulating Prentiss into thinking that he is innocent of the recent murder. Earlier, Ferrell got stopped by a police car in the middle of the road. Ferrell looked anxiously in his side mirror as the cop approached. It remains to be seen what happened after that encounter.

The season concluded on April 18, The entire main cast from the previous season returned for the season, except Damon Gupton Stephen Walker , who was written out of the show. Following the cancellation of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders , it was announced that Daniel Henney Matt Simmons would join the cast this season as a series regular. Criminal Minds was renewed for a thirteenth season with an episode order of 22 episodes on April 7, Matthew Gray Gubler directed the seventeenth episode of the season and it was said to be "the spookiest episode of Season 13" and involved clowns.

The team had studied the recent photos of what happened to Rebecca Strong and how her body was positioned. But it eerily reminded them of Floyd Feylinn Ferell. Ferell was a cannibal that would hunt high to low risk targets though he had a specific ritual that seemed to have been used on Rebecca. Rebecca was a sex trade worker and therefore she was considered to be a high-risk target. But another thing that had been too similar for anyone to discount had been the way the body had been posted. So there were only two options about why this case was similar — either there was a copycat or Ferell was killing again.

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Sign in. See the list., The ensemble drama relies on the diversity of the team, which includes a young genius and a seasoned leader tortured by a past case.

Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5






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