Spaghetti con il polpo

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Spaghetti con polpo e pomodorini - Picture of Circolo Canottieri Esperia, Turin

spaghetti con il polpo

This simple preparation can be found from Naples, down through Calabria to Sicilia and the whole Tyrrhenian Sea is crawling with octopus!.

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The opportunity to cook octopus finally presented itself. My husband and I were making the rounds to see his family in and around Naples and our last stop was to see his great-uncle, Zio Antonio, who lives in Pozzuoli, a town next to Naples and the town where Sofia Loren is from. Pozzuoli is also famous for its fish market, which is one of the largest in Italy. My husband always tells me that serving fish to a Puteolano is a terrible ordeal, because fish is more than a passion for them, it is almost an obsession and nothing is as fresh as the fish in Pozzuoli. Lucky for us, with this obsession comes a great sense of pride. Of course the conversation eventually came around to the topic of food, as it often does in Italy, and therefore fish.

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Just octopus! Spaghetti con polpo

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Spaghetti al polpo secondo l'antica ricetta elbana. Bagni Orano - Isola d'Elba.
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  1. PASTA SAUCE OCTOPUS (Sicilian recipe) Boil the pasta in salted water. Rigatoni al ragu di polpo con limone e pistacchio di Bronte.

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