Nascere con la camicia

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Translation of “camicia” — Italian–English dictionary

nascere con la camicia

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Here are some choice expressions to spice up your conversations in il bel paese. This conjures up a sweet image of a baby in a tiny shirt, but it means to be born lucky. It derives from an ancient belief that babies born shrouded in the placenta would be blessed with special virtues or magical powers. Often used in an affectionate but exasperated way, this describes someone who is usually interrupting or getting in the way. A pretty cutting insult if you can execute it well; it essentially means someone is completely incapable. We all know the feeling of a tight waistband after a generous bowl of pasta but, most of us have that little space for sauce-drenched bread.

Eccovi ragazzi, more useful Italian idioms. Attaccare il cappello al chiodo. To settle down especially in a wealthy marriage. Here you go ragazzi, better late than never - another flashcard set devoted to the many idioms with fare. Fare un buco nell'acqua. To fail in an attempt.

In each cultural context there are typical modes of expression that assemble words in order to signify something that is not limited to the sum of the meanings of the single words that compose them; an extra meaning, usually metaphorical, becomes part and parcel of this particular assembly. In our everyday life we seldom find the hammer or anvil in our immediate vicinity. Phraseologisms - or expressions that would aspire at becoming so - are formed in huge quantities, but do not always succeed. Sometimes are formed and disappear almost simultaneously. The only instances that create problems for the translator are the stable, recurrent lexical idioms, that for their metaphorical meaning do not rely only on the reader's logic at the time of reading, but also, and above all, on the value that such a metaphor has assumed in the history of the language under discussion. The first obstacle for the translator consists in recognizing phraseologisms.

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nascere con la camicia

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  1. nascere con la camicia. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Italian[edit]. Verb[edit]. nascere con la camicia.

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