Follow me follow me right now

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Follow Me (Uncle Kracker song)

follow me follow me right now

Come closer, wine it with me and. Take it high and move your body and. Follow me, follow me, right now (right now) (Jump) Let loose, and let it go deeper (Jump).

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But for follow-up And Then There Were Three , and specifically the one that became its first single, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford set out with the express intention to write something that would attract a broader range of fans, specifically more females. They wanted to help shift the perception that Genesis only made long, complex, instrumentally elaborate rock for hirsute proggers allergic to melodic succinctness. It changed our audience ratio and we got more women after that. Tony then put some chords behind it, and a couple of really unusual changes. But this one had a natural life as a short song. It was a simple idea, musically.

The song became a major worldwide hit in late summer , topping the charts of eight countries and reaching the top 40 in several others. Since the song's debut these points have been widely disputed amongst Internet users and listeners alike, and mixed views abound. These elements have been affirmed by Uncle Kracker himself, where in a interview with MTV News [1] where he stated, in reference to the meaning of the song:. I've heard some people think that I'm talking about drugs, or some people think I'm talking about cheating. I guess it's kinda both. I would never want to say anything that would get myself in trouble, being married with a couple of kids. That song is like a dirty picture painted with a pretty brush.

This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. House song "Follow Me"?? Thanks for all of ya'll that have been helpful to those asking about song titles and artists. There's this house song where the vocalist sings "Follow me

Can a song steal your heart? Just listen to the sweet sounds and let them get inside your heart. The two prominent artists have collaborated for the first time, giving their fans something extraordinary. Check out the fruits of their labour right now. The audio of the song has been available since March this year.

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