Cacio e pepe ricetta

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Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

cacio e pepe ricetta

La ricetta degli spaghetti cacio e pepe, insieme a quella della pasta alla carbonara, e una delle specialita tradizionali della cucina romana. La ricetta della cacio.

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Then, suddenly, cacio e pepe was everywhere, virtually speaking at least, a million slick strands of cheesy spaghetti clogging up social media like a vast hipster hairball. And where America leads, Britain follows. On a subsequent trip to New York, I saw it everywhere there, too. Cacio e pepe has fully entered the collective psyche of foodies. It is part of the restaurant zeitgeist. It has become a trend. Trendy for good reason: beautiful in its three-ingredient simplicity, cheap and quick to put together but very easy to get wrong.

The first time I attempted to make cacio e pepe, I thought it had to be just about the easiest pasta dish to make, outside of the un-sauced spaghetti and butter that young kids without functioning taste buds demand. How hard could it be? The first time I made cacio e pepe, I boiled and strained the pasta, dumped a bunch of grated Parmesan on it and stirred in a bunch of black pepper. It was a clumpy, unsightly mess with rather unremarkable flavor. The cheese formed a smooth, almost gooey sauce with absolutely no clumps. Somehow the pepper and Pecorino Romano melded into a single, glorious unit of deliciousness, one that made me depressed at my own ineptitude.

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