Double barrelled names list

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Double Barrel First Name

double barrelled names list

Struggling to choose between two names for you baby? Why not choose both and join them together to make a double-barrelled name?!.


Do you know what the latest baby name accessory is? A hyphen! Yes, a growing number of British and American children are now acquiring their first status symbol right at their birth by hyphenated or double barrelled names. MomJunction brings you a petite bit of this trend. The double-barrelled or hyphenated names started as surnames. They were taken from the UK, where a double surname is heritable and taken to preserve the family name, which faces the risk of extinction. If you want to use double barrel names for your child, you must follow some rules and regulations, which vary from region to region.

And like fashion, beauty and even places, baby names also have their own trends, which change over time. Recently, research found a list of very unusual names set to be massive in , with celebrities having an impact on the list. But what is the latest baby name trend? Well, it looks like double-barrelled baby names are making a comeback. One mum took to forum MumsNet to share her experience, revealing that she used the double-barrelled name as a way of showing tribute to her late mum. Nicola is after my mum who passed away 18 months before she was born and Robyn was mine and OH's name of choice.

It's one way to make your baby stand out from the pack — giving them not one, but two first names. Double barrelled and hyphenated baby names are now red hot in the UK, with one in six baby girls gaining double monikers last year. Tilly or Tillie can be used on its own or as a short version of Matilda. Matilda was number 22 on the top 50 girls' name list in Australia in Boys saw a much smaller gain, with only babies given double-barrelled names last year — but that's still a tenfold increase since Trend commentators are abuzz about double-barrelled names, which are thought by many to carry some high-class cachet.

In the Western tradition of surnames, there are several types of double surname If the two .. See also[edit]. Dual naming · Double name · Name blending · List of double placenames · Bilingual tautological names.
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Tuesday 27 August UK News feed. By John Bingham , and Dillon Leet. Social climbing has always started early — often as soon as children are placed in their designer pram or dressed in baby clothes from the latest must-have label. But growing numbers of British babies now acquire their first personal status symbol at the moment of birth — amid a craze for double-barrelled first names. Analysis by the Telegraph of the latest official baby name statistics shows an explosion in the use of hyphenated Christian names in recent years, especially for girls. Names such as Amelia-Rose, Lily-May and Billie-Jo have surged in popularity, with the number of different double-barrelled variations appearing in official birth registrations increasing four and a half times since the millennium alone.


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Double-barrelled girls names

Here are 20 stunning double-barrelled baby names for girls and boys to help you pick your own dynamic duo combo before the arrival of your bub. Rose is one of those beautiful, highly versatile names that look and sound good with just about any name and it makes a regular appearance in double-barrelled little girl name lists. Here are ten combinations that we really love to help get you started. But expect eye rolls. Baby Names Bachie stars ask Instagram to help decide their baby name — with a cute game! Baby Names Mums reveal their favourite celebrity baby names.

In the Western tradition of surnames , there are several types of double surname also double-barrelled surname [1]. If the two names are joined with a hyphen , it may also be called a hyphenated surname. A few British upper-class families have "triple-barrelled" surnames e. Not all of those with multiple names were of the peerage ; landed gentry such as George Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers consolidated the estates and wealth of several families in their multiple names. These are sometimes created when one spouse has a double-barrelled name and the other has a single surname.

Marco Polo is a surprising source for a compound name! Let me know! A compound name is one name that includes at least two names. There are a few common types of compound names:. Unfortunately, in the U.

Growing up down south , double names, also known as double-barreled names, were nothing new. Every 5th person was a John Taylor or a Mary Margaret.

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  2. She will be our third girl but despite that we are still leaning towards a double barrel first name.

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