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zaino deuter futura vario 50 10

Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 Backpack. A spacious backpack for long mountain tours, pilgrimages, or trekking tours. The Vari-Slide System allows exact.

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Order by:. Available to:. Deuter Futura 34 EL, Black. Deuter Futura 28 Hiking Backpack. Deuter Futura 28 The all new Deuter Futura 28 panel-loader comes in the new sleek design.

For more information or if you found it at lower price click here This very large backpack and 'ideal for long mountain walks, pilgrimages and trekking tours. The lightweight frame rounded profile in high elastic limit steel together with the movable lumbar Vari Flex fins procure maximum comfort during transport. The adjustment of the back system to every stature happens very quickly thanks to the system that makes it easy Vari Fit backpack to adjust. Very practical and 'also the double-stroke integral front hinge that also allows lid closed access to the equipment that is more' at the bottom. Almost indestructible, by 'a stable voltage to the network and transmits the load to the belt. When it comes, with an average load, to keep the weight of the backpack the more 'light as possible, and' therefore the ideal material to use.

The level of attention to detail is ridiculous. Lightweight and compact, but certainly spacious enough for a few days trek; Coast to coast, or continent to continent. Perhaps my favorite part of this bag is the internal frame suspension system. The thick padding is one thing; but its how high it puts the load on your back. I have packed this backpack for day long treks meaning a full day of all terrain movement , and in the arms, the bag feels heavy; but when you put it on your back, the weight feels as though it halves.

A spacious backpack for long mountain tours, pilgrimages or trekking tours. The Vari-Slide System allows exact adjustment to every back length. The ergonomic Aircomfort Sensic Vario mesh back system allows optimal ventilation. Active-Fit shoulder straps auto-adjust, agile Variflex ECL hip fins make energy-efficient and comfortable carrying possible. Their ergonomic pads custom fit the load perfectly on the hips and prevent the Futura Vario from shifting positions. Lightweight and flexible, its ergonomic shape ensures a perfect fit combined with freedom of movement.

Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 Rucksack - Blue, Hiking Backpack, 60L

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