Best motown songs to dance to

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100 Greatest Motown Songs

best motown songs to dance to

To celebrate January's 50th Anniversary of Motown Records, arguably the greatest record label ever, Universal Music is releasing Motown

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When Berry Gordy founded Motown Records in , few people could have predicted how it would soon transform the entire music industry. Gordy had a remarkable ear for talent and within months, he joined forces with many of the greatest songwriters, musicians and singers in the country. We asked our readers to select their single favorite Motown song. Click through to see the results. The incredible success of Marvin Gaye 's politically-charged LP, What's Going On, proved to the world that he had more to offer than his love songs of the s — but when it came time to craft a follow-up, he had little desire to repeat the formula. Instead, he opted to record an album of funk songs that were extremely sexually charged. The title track was the most successful single of Gaye's career, sitting on top of the Billboard Hot for two weeks.

Making a list of the best Motown songs is no easy task because Written by Marvin Gaye, 'Dancing In The Street' came out on the Gordy.
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It is difficult to think of a more impossible task than attempting to rate the 60 all-time greatest Motown songs. While this list may not be definitive — what could be? This single hit No. One of the rawest recordings in the Motown canon, the track features only piano, guitar, drums and tambourine and has seen its share of covers from rock bands such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Kingsmen, Paul Revere and the Raiders and others. Dobbins would leave the group before making the record.

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The music of Motown is truly timeless, it continues to be a mainstay even now on wedding playlists. Whether your looking for some chilled out tracks to play in the background during the reception or up-tempo floor fillers to get the party started, Motown is a great choice. This song is a fantastic choice for the bridal party introduction or to get the party started….. Looking for chilled songs to play during dinner or pre-party? The mellow vibes song of this song are perfect. His voice is like honey and this sweet song is the perfect song to play when your cutting into your wedding cake.

The best Motown songs of all time

So we did., That Berry Gordy turned his independent Detroit -based soul imprint into one of the biggest record labels of all time is achievement enough. That its songs still sit among the greatest and most soulful ever recorded is testament to the relentless quality of the artists and songwriters Gordy hired.

Readers’ Poll: The 10 Greatest Motown Songs

Editor's note: Talk about an embarrassment of riches: the list of Motown's commercially released singles over the course of the last 50 years number ones, top tens, and non-charting efforts alike is, quite simply, extraordinary. Surely it's impossible to proclaim a mere 25 of them as "the greatest" for whatever reason s , be they historical, cultural, musical, or otherwise. So, then, our list of 25 Motown singles is not meant to be interpreted as critical gospel, but more humbly as a list of our particular favorites, ranked alphabetically by artist name. The Four Tops, "Bernadette" Written by Holland-Dozier-Holland.

Written in , and sadly still resonant today, this song was written as a reaction to police brutality against peaceful protesters. Originally penned by Renaldo Benson of the Four Tops, who witnessed violence at Berkeley's People's Park along with Motown songwriter Al Cleveland, the song was eventually picked up and tweaked by Marvin Gaye after the Four Tops decided the song was too political for their group. To try to choose the best song to include by Stevie Wonder, who signed on to Motown when he was just 11 years old in , is seemingly an impossible feat. Still, this soul song is consummate Motown, and its irrepressible energy is undeniable. One of the Miracles biggest hits, written by frontman Smokey Robinson, this song became a success for Smokey and, a few years later, for Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations, who performed it as a group duet. Talk about some Motown star power.

The label, which turns 60 this month, is a byword for quality. Graeme Ross picks his best tracks. He called it Tamla Records. It was a sound that soon travelled across the world, and in doing so espoused racial integration. The s witnessed many epochal recordings also, and Motown continued to make quality records right into the s — just fewer of them. A pounding piano intro and call-and-response vocals drive this irresistible love letter to avarice co-written by Gordy himself.

100 Greatest Motown Songs -- Motown 60s Hits Playlist -- Motown Classics Full Album


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  1. Legends such as Marvin Gaye, Temptations and the Supremes are all represented on our list of the best Motown songs. Motown's singular melange of pop-infused soul laid groundwork for the future of funk, rock, the best pop songs and just about every R&B love song to come—and that.

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