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francesca del rosso wikipedia

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Sansepolcro , formerly Borgo Santo Sepolcro , is a town and comune founded in the 11th century, located in the Italian Province of Arezzo in the eastern part of the region of Tuscany. Situated on the upper reaches of the Tiber river, the town is the birthplace of the painters Piero della Francesca , Raffaellino del Colle a pupil of Raphael , Santi di Tito and Angiolo Tricca. It was also the birthplace of the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli , and of Matteo Cioni, who translated Piero della Francesca's treatise about perspective in painting De prospectiva pingendi into Latin. Today, the economy of the town is based on agriculture, industrial manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceuticals. It is the home of Buitoni pasta, founded by Giulia Buitoni in According to tradition the founding of the town came about through two 9th-century pilgrims to the Holy Land , Arcanus and Giles, who returned to the region and built a chapel dedicated to Saint Leonard --whose ruins now lie underneath the current Cathedral of Sansepolcro --where they established a monastic way of life.

Rossi is the plural of Rosso meaning " red haired ", in Italian. It is also a Finnish surname , not connected with the Italian one. Some variations derived from regional traditions and dialects. Other variations derived from medieval scribes spelling names based on how they sounded instead of how they were actually spelled. As of , In Italy , the frequency of the surname was higher than national average in the following regions:. In Argentina , the frequency of the surname was higher than national average , in the following provinces:.

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President of Bassano Virtus 55 Soccer Team. He is also the cofounder of the Red Room Party. He plays a key role in the development strategy of the group, with a special focus on new acquisitions.

Jacques Sernas

He is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time, despite perhaps only 15 of his paintings having survived. Although he had no formal academic training, [9] many historians and scholars regard Leonardo as the prime exemplar of the ' Universal Genius ' or 'Renaissance Man', an individual of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination", [6] and he is widely considered one of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have lived. Leonardo is revered for his technological ingenuity. He conceptualised flying machines, a type of armoured fighting vehicle, concentrated solar power, an adding machine, [12] and the double hull. Relatively few of his designs were constructed or even feasible during his lifetime, as the modern scientific approaches to metallurgy and engineering were only in their infancy during the Renaissance. Some of his smaller inventions, however, entered the world of manufacturing unheralded, such as an automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire.

His mother took him to Paris , France, where Sernas received his formal education. After the war, Sernas was considering a career in medicine and then in journalism before turning to films. His first role was in Miroir They had a daughter Francesca born Sernas worked first as a leading man and later as a character actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Paris in the epic film Helen of Troy Sernas also appeared on American television, including the lead role in the Warner Brothers time travel production " Man from " featuring James Garner.

Lodovico Migliore , nicknamed Ico, born December 27, is a former Italian professional ice hockey player. He is an architect and businessman. He served as chairman of Hockey Milano Rossoblu , an ice hockey team in Elite. A based out of Milan , Italy from to He also competed in the men's tournament at the Winter Olympics. Ico Migliore started playing ice hockey in Turin, He first joined the Valpellice team, and then he played three seasons for those of Bolzano and Varese. In the meantime, he received his degree in Architecture from Polytechnic University of Turin under the supervision of Professor Achille Castiglioni.


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