Cantieri salerno reggio calabria

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cantieri salerno reggio calabria

A3 Salerno Reggio Calabria, Viadotto Italia lato Salerno.

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Il viadotto Sciarapotamo I ha una lunghezza di metri, il che lo pone al terzo posto come lunghezza in Italia. La costruzione della strada di grande comunicazione Jonio-Tirreno, allora detta dorsale calabra , era originariamente prevista nell'ambito della realizzazione del V centro siderurgico a Gioia Tauro e avrebbe dovuto collegare la zona ionica e quella tirrenica.
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Visit picturesque harbor of Tropea, where the Moorings base is ideally located for the start of a Calabria sailing vacation. For more experienced sailors who preffer longer rides from Tropea you can also visit Palermo, the capital of Sicily. If you decide to stay at the city of Tropea you can spend your day on the beautiful sandy beach, go sightseeing the cliffs near the city or visit The monastery of Santa Maria dell'Isola which is built on a hill near the beach of Tropea. Make sure to try local speciality, red onion which locals even made into a delicius ice cream dessert. Check out its fascinating natural, historical and cultural attractions that will satisfy all your tourists needs.

Autostrada A3 (Italy)

A3 - Cantieri

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Due to sections not being originally constructed to anywhere near Motorway standard and to the notoriously poor conditions of maintenance, and also to the difficult terrain along some of the route, the motorway has been often taken as a symbol of the backwardness and economical problems of southern Italy. Italian historian Leandra D'Antone has defined it "a true Italian shame". In a ceremony held in Reggio Calabria, prime minister Paolo Gentiloni begged pardon "for the delay" and the road name was changed from " A3 Salerno-to-Reggio Calabria " to " A2 Autostrada del Mediterraneo " Highway of the Mediterranean. The first stretch of the road to be completed was the Naples-Pompeii section, finished on 22 June The connection onward to Salerno was completed on 16 July


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