Mark levin jon stewart

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mark levin jon stewart

The Daily Show - Hatewatch with Jon Stewart

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This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," July 22, This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. And last night, Stewart -- well, kind of sort of finally had the courage to respond. He still was not brave enough to mention "the great one" by name. Take a look. You know, look, I understand he's a comedian, but there's a part -- you really went off on him hard.

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I knew almost immediately it struck a nerve with a certain rightwing radio host in Los Angeles and his small legion of devoted followers. Levin Radio Show and indignant fans. As a writer, to earn instant criticism from an indignant pundit is quite gratifying, especially when defending a comedian that Jewish Americans respect, admire, and love, as do millions around the world. When defending Mr. I believe Mr. Levin was offended by his own quote about Jon Stewart, cited within my Huffington Post article:.

Mark Levin slams Jon Stewart's 'putrid' criticism of Israel

I recently wrote an article in The Huffington Post titled, Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Represents the Best in Jewish American Thought And True.
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  1. Conservative radio host Mark Levin is attacking Jon Stewart for his comments on Israel and Gaza, accusing him of being self-loathing and “a.

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