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Cristina Comencini • Director

virna lisi latin lover

Latin lover: l'ultimo film di Virna Lisi

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Starring Virna Lisi. In Italian and Spanish, with English subtitles. Rating unavailable. But this saving grace belongs to them, not to director Cristina Comencini, whose script with Giulia Calenda does little to justify on-screen enthusiasm. Saverio is supposed to be an unforgettable star along the lines of Vittorio Gassman and Marcello Mastroianni. But the numerous clips with blandly handsome Francesco Scianna, shot in a variety of styles and settings, convey only the thinnest surfaces of Italian moviedom, with nothing of its philosophical depth, let alone the gravity of its acting traditions.

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Latin Lover is a Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Cristina Comencini. It marked the last cinema appearance of Virna Lisi. Upon the tenth anniversary of the death of fictional film star Saverio Crispo, his four daughters get together in the family manor in Apulia , Southern Italy. As Saverio used to be at the top of his game as an internationally known film star, he had liaisons with different women across the world, thus having several love children. None of the four women got to really know their late father, but each of them has fabricated an idealized and very personal memory of him.

Latin Lover is a Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Cristina Comencini. It marked the last cinema appearance of Virna Lisi. The film received .
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Leave a Comment. Posted on March 27, by Press Office. The story, written by the director with Giulia Calenda, takes place in a small village of Apulia. Saverio Crispo, the great Italian actor, a genius, as described by critic Picci, died ten years earlier. His four daughters, had with different wives in as many different parts of the world, gather in the big house in the Apulia village where the actor was born.

The story recounted in the film revolves around a large extended family. Saverio Crispo, played by Francesco Scianna , one of the great actors of Italian cinema, passed away ten years previously and the Apulia village where the actor was born pays him tribute with a commemorative plaque and celebrations. In the large family farmhouse, in the Salento countryside, his two "official" ex wives meet played by Lisi and the fantastic Spanish actress Marisa Paredes and the four daughters, had by different relationships while travelling around the world. And the last daughter, the Swedish one Finnish Pihla Viitala , also an actress. Cineuropa: The film is dedicated to Virna Lisi, a genuine diva in the international cinema sphere.

Latin Lover is all looks and no brains

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