Ati radeon hd 6790 driver

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Drivers and utilities for graphics card XFX ATI Radeon HD 6790 1GB DDR5 HD-679X-ZDFC:

ati radeon hd 6790 driver

HD 6790: Benchmarking Bliss


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I tried checking Ubuntu's hardware support wiki information but it hasn't been updated since July - what a shame. Or you can download it and install manually from the AMD website , which clearly specifies the series to have a supporting driver for Linux. Check if a Linux driver is available for Radeon HD Ubuntu Community Ask!

Installation of any of the AMD Radeon cards is really easy. Preferably get yourself a power supply that has these PCIe PEG connectors native we feel its a no-go to convert them from a Molex Peripheral connector, anno No further configuration is required or needed unless you like to tweak settings, for which you can open the Catalyst Control Center. The methodology: We have a device constantly monitoring the power draw from the PC. We simply stress the GPU, not the processor. The before and after wattage will tell us roughly how much power a graphics card is consuming under load. Note : As of lately, there has been a lot of discussion using FurMark as stress test to measure power load.

A new week and a new graphics card is upon us. Why the need for a new card, you may ask? There's a fair degree of inter-family commonality, as the trio are all manufactured on a 40nm process at semiconductor partner TSMC, are DXcompliant, and can use speedy GDDR5 memory. But as with any release of a new series of graphics cards - and, believe us, the differences in generations is becoming smaller - a high-end card is outed, followed by the arrival of mid-range and, finally, low-end GPUs surface. Looking farther down the stack, the Radeon HD - an month-old card - is, with new drivers, still potent enough to give the price-comparable GeForce GTX Ti a good run for its money.

Starting with this family, the former ATI brand was officially discontinued in favor of making a correlation between the graphics products and the AMD branding for computing platforms the CPUs and chipsets. Therefore, the AMD brand was used as the replacement. The logo for graphics products and technologies also received a minor makeover using design elements of the "AMD Vision" logo. Its direct competitor was Nvidia 's GeForce Series ; they were launched approximately a month apart. This article is about all products under the Radeon HD Series brand. Open CL 1. The series was the first batch of the Radeon series.


Display driver stops responding xfx 6790

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This driver provides 2D and 3D acceleration in your video hardware. Furthermore the Radeon driver supports some older chipsets that fglrx does not. The Radeon driver is already pre-installed in Ubuntu.

Radeon HD 6000 Series

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