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liceo artistico argan roma

Eros e psiche

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In the recent years, representing the closure of this Millennium, she has devoted herself to a story where writing blends with painting, in a triptych of exhibitions in Milan Blanchaert Antiquariato, Chiesa Antiquariato culminating in the Rotonda di San Carlo al Corso. In the same year she exhibited her works in Sondrio at Palazzo Martinengo -Martinengo Palace-, and also in Alcamo at the Maestri Evola and in Rome at the Centrale Ristotheatre; later on, in she exhibited her works in New York, and again in Milano with an exhibition promoted by the province at the Spazio Guicciardini and in Roma at the Vaticano - Vatica - where she was called for by Giovanni Paolo II in order to execute a big portrait that, after the death of the Pope, has been exposed in the cathedral of his home town in Poland. During the recent years she has devoted herself again to the theme of the story with some installations at the Otel Ristotheatre in and , at Palazzo Borghese - Borghese Palace - Florence in and In she move to Florence where at the event Plus Florence she presents the exhibition "Viaggio in Europa" -trip in Europe-. In the same year the Local Administration of the city of Teglio asks her a solo exhibition in the city and the presence at "Nuovi Scenari" - New scenarios -, an important review cured by Carlo Franza and developed in various urban places.

Le accuse sono pesanti: concorso in rapina a mano a armata, sequestro di persone, furto aggravato e altro. Secondo il giudice per le indagini preliminari di Latina, che ha firmato l' ordine di custodia cautelare, il professor Benincasa avrebbe venduto ad un facoltoso commerciante ortofrutticolo di Fondi - Franco Peppe - falsi d' autore, per il valore di alcuni miliardi, spacciandoli per autentici Canaletto, Tiziano, Rouault e Toulouse Lautrec. Quando il commerciante ha cominciato ad avanzare dubbi sull' affare concluso, il critico d' arte avrebbe commissionato la rapina per far sparire le prove del reato. Tre dei quali vennero ritrovati subito - per le loro dimensioni non entrarono nell' auto usata dai rapinatori - due, invece, sono spariti. Quasi un anno di silenzio.

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Arrigo Musti, a Sicilian from Bagheria, is an artist who does not renege contact with his homeland, but immerses himself in the vital archetypes of a place whose radiant power he feels and on which he has chosen to found the theoretical and visual bases of his painting system. A further charming paradox of Musti is his ability to evoke a kind 9. Indeed, Musti manages to converse with the history and grandeur of the extraordinary artistic experiences that have followed one another in Sicily over the millennia through a wholly contemporary vision that does not forget some of the greatest avant-garde experiences of the twentieth century. In this sense, Musti shrewdly starts from rigorous research on the style, form and physical body of painting, the central and indispensable locus of all research that combines a refined formal quality with a solid conceptual core. In the last two years Musti has chosen to go over an inner geography of memory and nostalgia without losing the tension of his research, celebrating the absolute and scattered magnificence of places, buildings and works that make Sicily unique and at the same time evoking its loss, as happens in the sumptuous cycle Beautiful Decadence of , which evokes balconies, Baroque portals and empty rooms of old buildings with a feeling of the inevitable end of an era and of a civilization that finds in The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and in the movie by Visconti a clear and magnificent reference point transformed into painting made up of voids and vibrations, centralizations of pulsations of colour and suspensions that seem to be shot through by the echoes of ancient voices that resound in the labyrinth of dust and time. He has moved on to light and monochromatic material, made up of a spatula stroke just hinted at that, thanks to rigorous and targeted choice of the support, creates a thin or dense relief, just sketched on the smooth canvas without the roughness of some previous works. These works can paradoxically represent a synthesis that starts from the images of classical masterpieces cited in the paintings, which form a sort of archetypal root of art in Sicily.

Rodolfo Arico

Nel ha l'occasione di esporre per la prima volta le proprie opere in una mostra personale, alla Galleria Bergamini di Milano e l'anno successivo conosce Carlo Grossetti che, nel , lo invita a tenere una mostra personale alla galleria Salone Annunciata a Milano. Dal approfondisce la riflessione sugli aspetti oggettuali del fare artistico e nel espone le proprie opere alla Galleria L'Attico di Roma in una personale corredata da un catalogo con testo di Giulio Carlo Argan.




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