Occidentalis karma testo e video

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Francesco Gabbani

occidentalis karma testo e video

Karaoke Italiano - Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani ( Testo )

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Westerners' Karma is a song performed by Italian singer Francesco Gabbani. The song was released as a digital download on 10 February through BMG Rights Management as the lead single from his third studio album Magellano The main theme of the song is the superficial lifestyle of westerners, mainly based on materialism and appearance. The lyrics refer to the internet as the opiate of the poor in reference to Marx , 'selfie addiction', internet know-it-alls, and a society based on conformity and uniformity. As a result, our evolution seems to 'stumble' instead of moving forward. According to Gabbani, the chorus of the song is a mockery of westerners who believe they can take Eastern cultures and "westernise" them.

It won the Sanremo Music Festival, and became the Italian Eurovision entry after Gabbani accepted the invitation to participate. Going into the contest, it was deemed the hottest of hot favorites, winning many online fan polls in dominant fashion and topping the odds with bookmakers for many months. As Italy is a member of the Big Five, it was already qualified for the final, and Francesco previewed his song in the first semifinal along with those from Spain and United Kingdom. In the final, it was performed 9th following Hungary and preceding Denmark. At the close of voting, it finished in 6th place with points. Quando la vita si distrae cadono gli uomini. La folla grida un mantra L'evoluzione inciampa La scimmia nuda balla Occidentali's Karma.

The true meaning of the song is not so immediate, we must listen carefully as there are several puns, metaphors and philosophical references. The lyrics allude to the contrast and differences between the western and eastern culture, between being and appear.
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Post a Comment. The Eurovision contest is an entertaining, diverse and controversial showcase, where catchy tunes mix with tacky performances. But I always enjoy it, especially the voting bit when the countries conveniently cast their votes according to specific geographical areas all the eastern countries vote for each other, the same for the southern ones and so on. The UK ends up being a bit isolated, but these are the disadvantages and advantages of being an island. The song is catchy and the lyrics cracked me up. It can be defined a postmodern intertextual high quality text, or to say it in a simpler way, it ridicules all of us mixing quotations from different sources. Here is the lyrics:.


Historically, there seem to be two meta-strategies for winning Eurovision not counting sleazy vote-trading shenanigans. The second choice is to embrace the glorious travesty that Eurovision has become, by trying to go viral: that is, aiming less for good than for compellingly weird.,





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